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  1. I don't know about gmail unfortunately, because since I've been using performance ROM I don't receive mail notifications (I think there's a bug involving the synchronization with Google)..:( Have you tried the guide on the post I've quoted?Maybe you are luckier than me..:)
  2. I've got this issue with both kernels (now I'm using the technolover's one). Refering to the sms led, it works only with stock sms app, if you try any other app (sms apps, chat apps, etc...) it won't work. I've tried to follow the guide in this post: http://android.modaco.com/topic/347153-led-notification-light-problem/ But it doesn't work very well for me (sometimes led doesn't start blinking, or it starts only when display is on).
  3. I've bought many different kinds of screen protectors. The one with 2 removable labels is simply the best, this is an example: http://www.ebay.it/i...9#ht_1448wt_952 This screen protectors is quite thick, so it's easier to apply than the others and it won't be any bubble on the display. That battery seems really interesting, the size is the same of the official one, right? Unfortunately the price has risen up..:(
  4. Solved! I came back to the stock 2.3.6 ROM this morning, then I've wiped all and I've flashed directly the fourth version. Now everything works fine, except for battery drain (I will investigate). Great job man!!!
  5. Great job!!!! I installed the performance rom v3 first..then I've installed PerformanceRomV4 ICS_themed. But I think I've found a bug. I'm not able to use Home and Search buttons, I press them and nothing happens (but vibration works). Am I the only one with this issue? I don't know if this happened also with v3, I've tried it for few minutes.
  6. Hey guys, I usually use the cable only for charging my Metal. I wanted to install a custom ROM today, so I plugged the device to PC, but everytime I do it the device turn off randomly; it could happen within 3 seconds or after 5 minutes. Do you think the problem is the cable? It charges the device without problems..:/
  7. With this method finally my led returns to blink!!:) But I've got few questions. Now, when I receive an sms, a toast message keep saying me that tasker has obtained super user permissions, do you think this will cause battery drain? Is there a way to skip this toast message?
  8. I'm using latest official ROM (2.3.6), this release has a problem with the sms led. If i disable sms stock notification (cause I'm using another app for sms) the led doesn't work, instead it still works for emails. The old official ROMS used to work also with stock sms notification disabled. So I was wondering, does this kernel solve the issue?
  9. Using extended controls and minimalistic text!
  10. I've installed gingerounay with recovery 3.0. Starts the new boot animation, but after few seconds the animation stops and after 1 or 2 minutes it power off automatically. Please what I've got to do?? Edit Solved. I've restored the phone with a nandroid backup to the official 4.000.13. Here's what I did when I was installing Gingerounay: _Installed recovery 3.0 (Clockworkmod); _Nandroid backup with this new recovery (fortunately); _Wipe data/factory reset; _Wipe cache partition; _Install zip from sdcard ==> choose zip from sdcard ==> Gingerounay-3.0.zip What is wrong?
  11. I use GOsmsPro and led notification for texts doesn't work!! It blinks only when I power on the phone, only if the voice "sms notification" in the stock sms app is checked. It's annoying! Has anyone solved this issue?
  12. I use link2sd too, no apps loss. Obviuosly you have to re-obtain root permission and select which partition you want to use (like the first time you used Link2sd).
  13. Probably you have to install the 1.100.49, and then you can install gingerbread. In the pdf there's this indication: "Supported Version(s): Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.49_EMEA_GEN1" Does sms notification led work for you guys?
  14. I live in countryside, near Pisa (Italy); but I've lost some sms also in Pisa or other countries. I'm gonna try to ask in that forum. :( I bought the sim that I'm using in 2007; do you think it's too old?
  15. This model doesn't have temperature sensor. I've got an issue; Leds don't work. This happens only to me?
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