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  1. have fun!! got mine yesterday.... :D cool device, but i have one problem: i'm not able to sync my outlook calendar from hosted exchange with snapvue - it hangs. apart from that, absolutely great!
  2. i got my shift today and playing around just a bit... i have a german version. following your instruction to liberate the htc shift did everything as you did in the video. but when it comes to saving the two files from the mail received i'm not able to store them. the 'save to' menu is not active and btw the icons of the two files look different the they do in your video. any clue what i did wrong? any help is highly appreciated. greetings. EDIT: stupid me, you have to download the attachments before you can save them.... :D
  3. i have created a power_on.lnk and a power_useridle.lnk in the tornadopower folder but for some reason it's not executed when the system comes back from sleep. i'm using wm6... thanks for any hint. btw: what are the numbers (e.g. 50#) in front of the link?
  4. HARD RESET BY PHYSICAL METHOD (1) Press Power Button and Reset Button together and release them at the same time. (2) Immediately before device starts to reboot, press and hold End Call Button for approximately 15 seconds until the "Erase all data and loads defaults ?" screen appears. (i) If you wish to restore your device to the factory settings with the default WM5 OS and erasing all user data and user programs, press and hold the Speedial Button for about 5 seconds until the default "No" changes to 'Yes". (ii) If you want to retain your user data and programs, do nothing and the system will choose the options "No" by default before rebooting your device. HARD RESET BY SOFTWARE METHOD 1) Go to Start\Programs\Utilities\Default Settings 2) Enter the six digit number on the right box as displayed on the left box and tap OK to start hard reset. Your device system will reboot and restoring your device to factory settings with the default WM5 OS.
  5. is there a et9 language pack for the tornado available?
  6. for those having a german version goto folder 'zubehör' and choose 'speicher löschen'
  7. is there a possibility to export the e-mail accounts including the settings. it's very bad if you after each rom-upgrade have to enter all the information again. spritebackup will not do the job since i do not want to restore the whole system and some registry key may have changed.. any other ideas? thanks.
  8. hi sullivanpt nice to hear from you. i guess you are not developing the plugin any further.... i know the wrap attribute, but this does not help. a allday event, let say a birthday on march 31, 2006 will be shown in the plugin: on march 31: birthday xyz on april 1: 03/31/06 - 04/01/06 birthday xyz i do not think, this can be changed by using any attribute. i rather think, that in windows mobile 5.0 something else changed....
  9. meanwhile i have bought a spv c600 and installed the plug-in. basically it runs, but there seems to be some changes to the c500 how XML is worked with. for example: a birthday appointment (all day appointment) is now shown over 2 days... any idea, how to change this? where will i find the reference code for the xml for windows mobile 5.0? btw: i'm still hoping, there will be a version 2.0 of this plug-in. because i still think, makes the spv much more useful...
  10. i'm just wondering, what's the latest version? i bought the plugin and i'd like to know, if developement is still in progress. there is still the memory leak which forces me to reboot the c500 now and then.... thanks for a short reply.
  11. hi patrick long time no hear.... this means, your plugin is working perfect for me. i'm still using version 1.9 - is this the latest version? to get around the memory leak i just restart the phone every other day.... greetings.
  12. patrick sorry, i was not reading the readme file... :lol: anyhow, it has become quite quiet regarding your plugin. i guess, most people are now satisfied.... i just love your plugin!
  13. i installed the latest version 1.9 a few days ago. everything seems to be working fine. this morning i received a sms and got a error-message saying 'not enough memory to perform this action'. i have not restarted the phone for a few days - maybe the memory leak is still not completely removed? greetings.
  14. thank you... i have again produced a picutre after installing version 1.7. this shows the possible appointment types and how they are handled using the xml definition of , . here is what i'm looking for, exept that multiline display should be possible: allday event: (birthday evelyne lehner) [remove leading comma] next appointment: ok allday event from next day: ok appointment next day: (21.11.2004, 10:00, Spinning @ Sc..) [change order from time, date to date, time] btw: if i do not use a comma, there is no space between time and subject... hope this helps to make the point. greetings. v1.7.jpg
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