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  1. You installed Twrp, didn't you? Time to rollback.
  2. Calm down, Beavis. Most vendors don't announce beta testing, because they get inundated by turbonerds who are the opposite to what a test needs: a good cross-section of users. I'm happy my sister got it, not me, because she just uses her H2, not walks the line of bricking it.
  3. From a bit of reading around, a phone that's got the same chipset (yu yureka) needed a kernel dropping in that supports QC, then it Just Worked(tm)
  4. Hmmm. Give clearing your cache partition and delete all photo app data a go?
  5. If you're really that curious, install fiddler, capture the traffic when you hit check for updates and see what is used to ID the devices. ed: for the guy with Photo Sphere issues: works fine on my girlfriend's H2.
  6. I rolled back my meddled-with, rooted, Xposed-installed, platform.xml edited 20150519 H2 back using that very image from Paul and the standard instructions in his thread. There were no issues with OTA after doing it. I un-rooted it before doing the OTA, however, with an eye to the upcoming 5.1 update.
  7. Yeah, I think I'm going to leave well alone until a non-test build drops. There's a possibility there might be telemetry stuff in the one that's gone out, so I'm not going to mess about with my other half's tablet. I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet, I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet, I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet, I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet, I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet, I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet, I will not do a 1:1 nandroid copy onto my tablet...
  8. Just thinking out loud here, but can we use CaptainMidnight's method to clone an updated system partitiion?
  9. BTW: after the update, *EVERYTHING* is currently force closing. Wiping caches and cache partition didn't solve it, so time for a factory reset!
  10. a)she pushed the go button while I was outside and installed it already. b)it's over a gig
  11. The update's just come up on my girlfriend's tablet, so it's still happening. Phased rollout, soak test or whatever, its downloading right now.
  12. Thanks for letting us know that new things scare you, grandad. Given how fastidious Tesco have been about UX and that it's a single hardware SKU it'll have had its bum tested off.
  13. Correct. Which is unfortunate, as it's a stock android feature that is convenient: So: a)My phone's buggy b)Something in the SU6 is misconfigured, so the estimate received by whatever handles displaying it is so loopy it's being ignored (there is a sense check, the estimate doesn't pop up on a working device until it 'settles down' c)It's disabled by Voda/ZTE at the software level.
  14. Oh, aye, but it's not appearing on the lock screen.
  15. Hi, is it only my phone, or does the charge estimation not show up for anyone else? It's only showing "Charging", as opposed to also showing the estimated time-to-charged that shows up on my Moto G and is, I gather, a stock Lollipop feature,.
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