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  1. I have installed this Rom http://www.juanzhuo....-49-3015.html�� http://shuaji.lexun.cn/rom/17579 everything works great,its great imitation of Samsung,but Titanium Backup restoring just some apps and i have no idea what.I like this Rom,but i need aps,which i cant install.On every Rom,which i tried,Titanium Backup worked great,but on this one not.Please try and help me.Thanx.Sorry my english
  2. edweder

    Help with install

    i have what i want.this one packageinstaller work with every 2.3.7 blade roms,miui too
  3. edweder

    Help with install

    its moddified packageinstaller.apk here... http://www66.zippyshare.com/v/31595190/file.html http://www.putlocker...3D1AC4E4D2F1249 http://180upload.com/wxw9tljb2ipc
  4. my free Ram is never more than 120mb my system partition is 220mb im just installed Rom+gapps what im doing wrong?
  5. edweder

    Help with install

    any idea how is possible do this?
  6. edweder

    Help with install

    Here is the Rom that i'm used http://BillionUploads.com/kgaqns5ui980|http://BillionUploads.com/kgaqns5ui980?killcode=j3xehiushq|cm-7-20130301-By_Edweder.zip http://clz.to/um8rr2y8||cm-7-20130301-By_Edweder.zip http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/3693474/file.html||cm-7-20130301-By_Edweder.zip http://180upload.com/2j2rgnzhp1e9|http://180upload.com/2j2rgnzhp1e9?killcode=09tp8kewfj|cm-7-20130301-By_Edweder.zip http://www.putlocker.com/file/71F4AACDF9381890||cm-7-20130301-By_Edweder.zip http://www.sendspace.com/file/ymkwvw|http://www.sendspace.com/delete/ymkwvw/a1a5cae88097c01862670c5a1728684c|cm-7-20130301-By_Edweder.zip
  7. edweder

    Help with install

    I dont want move apps to sd card,I want the option to choose where i want to install.On the picture above,install=phone memory,sdcard=sdcard Basic settings in Roms is like this but what i want is this
  8. edweder

    Help with install

    any help?is any script for install apps to sdcard directly?
  9. On each ROM, which I try, I set to the default installation location to external,but almost every app will be installed to phone.I also tried some Japanese ROMs, and there is such a possibility like that.. but i have no idea,how to i do this.I need any help sorry my english Thanks
  10. no,i need fhis one Wizblade0 2 zip (114 MB),link is 3 pages back,but dont work.
  11. Can someone re-upload this fabulously rom?
  12. here is mirror http://www.directmirror.com/files/1C2KYTBJ
  13. im waiting from friday but still nothing
  14. i have no idea,i just downloaded and moddified rom,themes,sounds,launchers etc,nothing else...im using Rom for 2 weeks and I am not sending more data than I used...all data working well sorry for my english google helping me
  15. V880 MIUI lewa_by_Edweder Moddified Lewa Rom by me default language is english removed chinesse apps-not all bootanimation HTC-One phone model HTC-Desire (for Gameloft games) removed necessary audio files added a2sd added Root Explorer added morelocale for changing application language added 360 launcher added font for all symbols and languages (chinnese supported) added theme chooser-working cm7 themes-stock Lewa rom not supported cm7 themes added live wallpapers picker-working live wallpapers-stock Lewa rom not supported live wallpapers you can change chinese keyboard to any of you like issuess: if you change any cm7 theme,for first time your calling have force stopped and return to pin code,its will be for two,three times,after that all working done http://www.directmir.../files/PGZXAPFB

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