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  1. well guys alredy got xperia u i and i wasnt wrong the phone is awsome yea mini pro is beter choice cause of sd card but my sister got it and its not so good as i tought xperia u beats it in every aspect except memory card but well u cant have it all :)))
  2. Yea i to think Xperia u is best choice only i dont like tht it doesnt have microsd slot but well life is a bitch :)
  3. Oke i need to get new mobile in 2 days so i need ur help with chosing Xperia U Xperia mini pro HTC DESIRE C Pls answer fast curently i like xperia u most but need help of pro :) thx in advance P.S can anyone give pros and cons for phones i am sry guys but whn i get it i am stuck 2 years with it so plss help me chose right ^^
  4. okay guys i have this tab http://www.aliexpress.com/store/100286/211249815-523911942/7-MTK6513-GSM-call-wifi-gps-ATV-capacitive-screen-android-2-3-FM-Bluetooth-MG701-tablet.html MG701 and i dont know how to unlock it so i can use my GSM sim card pls help if u can.
  5. ya but was buged i fixed it with tht pc tablet conect bla bla bla :) bu thx any way
  6. Oke i whana instal new rom phone is routed since i alredy have custom rom, problem is i cant enter recovery mode it doesnt past gren android no mater wht i try pls help.
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