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  1. skifyr123

    Huawei Ice Cream Sandwich

    Hey flibblesan, do you know how much of the ics port by oguzhan mobile is based on genokolar's port? Like what he did on his own.
  2. skifyr123

    U8800 2.3 Official Update from Huawei

    I find it unusable. Everything seems unfinished, but looks promising. Stick to Oxygen for now ;)
  3. skifyr123

    Huawei U9000 Ideos X6 Released

    It won't even get official Android 2.3..
  4. skifyr123

    how to edit cfg files under root

    How exactly did you manage to post 3 threads? :) lol anyway you need to click the button "mount r/w" in upper right in root explorer.
  5. skifyr123

    X5 wont boot at all.

    idk, at least you have not rooted it, so there will be no problem with you warranty. see if the battery is in contact with those three pins.. I am able to boot my phone without the battery while connected to the charger.
  6. skifyr123


    I had to configure my phone settings to the one given on my carriers website. After that it worked!
  7. If you find a way to take a new picture, do tell us ;)
  8. I do also have ICS... just wait a sec, I need to change theme and edit build.prop first...
  9. Cool, waiting for it! if you have the time, could you write a few words what you did :)
  10. Where is the file? :P But is it so easy like described in that guide (port sense guide), just delete and replace files?... I followed the guide in like 15 mins, then I realized I would not dare to flash the file I was making :P
  11. skifyr123

    Very basic questions

    If you install this you will not have any problems, it is the latest release from Huawei, and it is for your phone U8800. "how it is different from the boot.img file" the boot.img is just an important part of the firmware for the phone, the stuff i linked to is the whole firmware.. around 150 MB in difference ;)
  12. skifyr123

    Very basic questions

    download this official firmware http://www.mediafire.com/?72ppg9680nmu4gt, place the "dload" folder on the internal/external sdcard. there is instructions in the downoad-file ;) You are sure the phone is U8800 and NOT U8800H?
  13. I made a little video of the jelly case from Sofiz. They are nice and I recommend them :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ_3ZeRqtNA
  14. skifyr123

    Help with booting fail

    Have you tried to format cache/system/data yet?
  15. skifyr123

    !!HELP!! !!My X5 wont start!!

    Good! We should remember this if anyone else do the same!! :D

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