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  1. Tried all of that and decided to blast it out in case of dirt being in there - happened to try sucking on it and got a little pop and it's all sorted! Looks like there's a membrane in there that got distorted and needed re-positioning :)
  2. Just lately my earpiece has been distorting the incoming callers. That's the earpiece on the phone not the headset. Has anyone else had this problem with their SF2 or have I got a duff part going on. The phone's about 18 months old now but if I can I'd rather not replace it (lack of funds/love the phone). So, I'd guess a repair would be the best way but has anyone else stripped one of our phones down to that level or am I entering a minefield with that idea?? Any help would be appreciated :)
  3. Just an update - I downloaded a locale/language setting tool from the play store and got it back to English UK. Might be worth putting the extra language files in the next build though if there's room :) On another note the battery life is great on this rom - sooo much better than the jelly bean builds!
  4. Might have found a small issue in the language settings. I've been fiddling with the TTS and happened to go into the Language selection where there is English or French. I clicked on the English one and my phone now thinks it's running English (United States) instead of English (United Kingdom). Any clues at all as I can't see why it was OK before and showing UK but not now?
  5. Installed this ROM last night and so far it all seems good. Battery life at least on par with Slimbean if not a bit better and I have the added bonus of the camera working correctly. Haven't tried Bluetooth as yet but plan to as my reason for changing roms is I need to use Bluetooth very soon. Sure I miss some of the slickness and apps from jelly bean but I think this is pretty close to being a good comparison. Only thing I wish is there was a bit more CM7 style customisation for some of the bits but other than that it's a cracking ROM!
  6. Completely out of the blue, over the past week I've been having problems with wifi coming out of sleep. It says it's turned on but every connection is out of range. One quick reboot later and it's fine for a while, then as soon as it hits deep sleep it goes again. If I try to switch off the wifi it just sticks on "Turning off WiFi" and won't turn on again. I've been running the wifi sleep policy on sleep on battery mode for a few weeks but for some reason it's not happy any more. Just wondered if anyone else has been having this sort of problem and if they've found a fix at all?
  7. Decided to give this one a try last night and I'm pretty impressed at the speed of it. Great battery life so far too. Somehow seems more slick than the larger roms, probably due to the lower memory overhead with it being so slimmed down... Now if only the bluetooth would stay working long enough to get it running in the car I'd be very happy ;)
  8. It's more the flash for me, but hopefully someone somewhere can code up a new lib to suit one day...
  9. Well, after running Gingerbread for a month or so I got the JB itch again and gave this ROM a go. Must admit it's pretty damn good! Now if ZTE would only release the libs to get the camera right then I'd be well chuffed :)
  10. Installed this today and I must admit I'm pretty impressed. OK so I miss a few of the CM7 customisations but it's fairly minor compared to the low memory use and speed of things. All I need now is to stop enjoying the flash working on the camera :)
  11. Well, I found a TPT with a 220MB system and re-flashed and have sound now working and all seems to be good :) Great rom it seems and pretty rapid too!
  12. Just installed this ROM and extras and I must admit I'm pretty impressed with it except for one thing - I can't get any audio working. This is on a UK SF2. Ring tones, notifications or music through Apollo - nothing at all :( I can get sound if I make a call, and if I use the volume buttons but other than that it's silent despite all the settings being otherwise. Is this a problem anyone else has found? I wondered if it's because I only have a 200MB internal RAM TPT set up but as yet I've not been able to find one that would give me any more...
  13. Got my San Francisco 2 over Xmas and decided to give this rom a try and I'm very impressed! Only thing I can't get running is wifi sleep for some reason. Reading all through the thread I get the impression that had been sorted but I can't seem to make it work for me at all.
  14. Just did a full wipe and stuck on the new 7.2.0 RC1 ROM - very impressed with it speed wise, seems a lot smoother than the ICSv5-MOD-ROM that I was running. Can't find anything that's caused any problems as yet though, only thing I've not been able to get working is the CRT screen on/off animation but that's no big problem really! Thanks again Racerboy for providing the community with such great roms and collaborations with the kernel devs - your work will be surely missed!
  15. I think this day should be a national day of mourning..... So.... are you planning a replacement, or is it early days yet??
  16. Seems ok to me on lockscreen - a little tricky unlocking sometimes if you try and rush it but nothing too major. Certainly much better calibration and speed wise than your previous kernel and seems to suit Racerboy's fake ICS rom rather nicely. Had been running deadlink's multi-touch kernel but it's not the most stable for FC's and random memory usage etc so this is definitely a plus that this new rom is looking like a great all-rounder. Will keep using and post back if there's any nagging issues that I find.
  17. Found a few problems with calibration throwing ghost taps when typing. Have switched to deadlinks kernel to see if that seems any better. Still by far the best kernel for calibration I've found so far is rexchun's - never ever had any issues with that at all.
  18. Just installed and I'm very impressed with the speed and touch calibraton. Might well be a keeper until a real ICS build gets sorted properly :-)
  19. OK so I decided to bite the bullet and installed #244 with #241 stillin place and other than needing to reinstall ADW EX it all went well. Only thing I have noticed on both roms is it will hang on the green android if booted with either the usb or charger plugged in. As soon as I unplug the cable it boots normally with no problems. The other plus point is Angry Birds runs on #244 where it wouldn't run for me on #241 - but that could be to do with the backup from Titanium that messed it up somewhere along the line.
  20. Great will probably give it a try tomorrow if the link's live and post back the results and let you know. Great work on these roms though - and impressive work from deadlink on the dual-touch screen too. Now if only I could get the same standard of rom on my tablet I'd be a happy bunny all round lol
  21. Bugger - only just installed #241 and got that all set up with my apps etc and enabled swap. Any chance this can be applied over the top without clearing down at all?
  22. Do you mean the first boot image (green android) or the boot image that's animated?
  23. OK, managed to get the black notification/status bar back and working. Made a complete new one based on the settings in Tigtex's SystemUI.apk and all seems ok. Steps to install are to download the new one from here SystemUI.apk and put it onto your SD Card. Run up RootExplorer and browse to /system/app - copy SystemUI.apk to somewhere else on your SD card so you know its safe and you have a backup. Once you've backed up the original, copy the new SystemUI.apk from your SD card to /system/app - I can pretty much guarantee you'll get constant FC's from SystemUI as soon as it's replaced but you can just about get to the reboot prompt if you hold the power button down and then do some fast clicking to get to the reboot option - failing that press the reset switch next to the battery on the back. When you boot for the first time after replacement you will have no status bar at all - this is due to the permissions being wrong on the file so we need to fix it. Run up RootExplorer again and browse to /system/app - long press on SystemUI.apk and select Permissions. The permissions you need to set is read for all, write for owner and none on execute. To make it easier, make sure the first column is all ticked, the second column just has one tick in the top box and the last column has no ticks. Don't mess with the Special Permissions part - this isn't needed at all so just click OK. Reboot again and you should have the standard black status bar back as normal. Obviously this has worked for me so I make no guarantees it will work for anyone else, but if it doesn't work, you can copy your backup of SystemUI.apk back into /system/app and reset the permissions and you should then be back to normal.
  24. Yeah tried that but no joy - think I might have to edit the SystemUI.apk to get the black background back on as it doesn't work too well if you've got an app with a white background as you lose all of the information on the top bar :(
  25. Only small thing I found was the font was a bit unreadable on some web based apps - reset to the default ones and all seems fine now. Still trying to get used to the transparent status bar so if anyone has used tigtex's framework to reset that back to black it would be useful to know if it's worked ok with no other ill effects.
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