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  1. Currently waiting for my Facebook archive to be prepared. Could anyone who still wants to be in contact with me inbox their numbers? I'm not just deactivating Facebook, im going to completely delete it. So numbers please people, having some contact with the world would be nice :) Ta

  2. Sorry everyone. If you like anything on my Facebook or if I like anything on yours it instantly means I want to be with you. Especially if you live a few hundred miles away and we've never met. So its probably best not to like anything :)

  3. Feeling absolutely s***.. Gonna be late for work... Something good happen today please?

  4. Well that's abbie pleased for the next 10 minutes lol

  5. Bored... Fed up... Might go for a walk :D

  6. Who sent me a valentines day card? Seriously... Abbie is about to kill me...

  7. Just about had enough. Think I'm going back to bed...

  8. Great... Snowing again...

  9. Oh... It's been snowing....

  10. Never thought teeth could make me feel so s***! No painkillers seem to work...anyone any good with a pair of plyers? Or a hammer?

  11. Time to do enchiladas :D omnomnom

  12. 100 percent too tired for this. At least I remembered my painkillers today :/

  13. In a badword bad mood. Doesn't help that it feels like my teeth are trying to push each other out of my mouth -_-

  14. Can't wait til this walk to work is replaced by a motorbike...

  15. Rudely awoken.... Sleep please?


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