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  1. Only issue I have found is that when you go to change the ringtone or notification sounds (in system settings or an app) it doesn't preview the sound when clicking on it.
  2. Simple answer is dont use avg. It is an abomination of an app and does not belong on the android platform.
  3. Not at all. The whole point of CM is that it is based on AOSP and much slimmer. I don't see how the whole of Sense (3.0 no less...) could be ported, but an integral part could just be swapped out for a Chinese modified CM7's. It sounds iffy.
  4. This looks good but I still think the current Sense is perfect. Wonder if there will be an option to use the current type?
  5. It can be done on the skates cpu, in fact it has been done on slower CPUs too ;)
  6. I had the same wi-fi problem but as you say it works after one reboot so no biggie. How did you get USB mounting to work?
  7. Excellent work on the hwa rotation, very nice and smooth. Overall works great, however i can confirm it crashes the whole phone when mounting usb.
  8. You can't resize "in reverse" so to speak, you'll have to copy all the data from it, delete the old partition and create a new one.
  9. Flashed via Terminal Emulator, works perfect, cheers!
  10. I can help test if you like, I use my ChaCha for normal phone use so can flash the Skate to my hearts content if need be.
  11. I hope it doesnt as it would lower the usable screen space and make some apps look more squashed.
  12. I know there is a defect with a lot of the handsets in which the external speaker actually breaks and ceases to work, perhaps you have that issue?
  13. As a BlackBerry user in the past I agree the ChaCha has an on par, if not slightly better physical keyboard than most of the Bold models.
  14. It will still be able to detect the market links from the account so that won't work.
  15. Hmm, probably not enough to make me change rom, but thanks for the info.
  16. Its to prevent piracy so I don't think you'll be able to do so.
  17. Does this rom offer anything over the normal cm7 tilal made? Apart from the great theme of course ;).
  18. Yes you can but it requires the paid "ultimate" upgrade (or at least, it did for me when I had it).
  19. Yes, you only need one oc tool. Yes that's pretty much exactly how it works, she won't receive any push notifications at all as it disables data and enables it once every 30 minutes by default if I'm not mistaken, even then it's only for 30 seconds or so which isn't enough for most apps especially if your signal at the time isn't too great. If she manually opens the app she can do a refresh and get all the messages, mails, notifications etc.
  20. I used to use that so can vouch for it, however I found it quite intrusive in the way you pretty much won't get any updates, synchronization or anything really involving data while screen is off, which for someone who needs constant data access such as myself (eg. for work emails, push notifications etc), was a no-no, instead I just made the data 2g / GSM only, and had a greater battery life from that alone. It's a perfect solution for people who don't need it however
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