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  1. Are you installing beta 3 or the cm beta 2? Internal or external? how long are you giving it to load? It can take quite a while the first time 'round...
  2. I've always enabled my compcache to 26%, not sure if it does anything, but i'll agree it's always seemed a little smoother and snappier afterward. Glad to see that there are still people working on this port, after reading that development was going to slow down i stopped checking this thread. I've gotten a new phone so this is not my daily device anymore, but my intrest in all things android have me back and glad to see a further update and people such as erikcas and shoarmabakpao continuing to work and tweak this port. So many thanks go out to voyteckst, almar, bsbsbs, egon, and phj for bringing android to these devices. Which were wasted with the addition of windows mobile. I would love to see someone working one a way to put cwm on this phone. I realize that there are a lot of people that probably still use this phone daily, but i for one would sign up as a test subject to remove winmo from this phone for good.... even in a beta form this has blown wm out of the water from day one. I realize that installing a nand android on this phone would probably require a lot more work by devs, so i'm not holding my breath, just offering any resources i can to assist in testing/helping with it. Death to microsoft and whatnot... ;)
  3. I'm trying, and failing, to install cm beta 2 on internal storage. This may be because it makes reference to the startup.txt that comes in the root of the package, not the o2 folder, which is not in the beta 2 package. Unless i'm missing something, I think i need a startup.txt from a previous package, froyo beta links are down. Any help with installing this on internal storage would be greatly appreciated, as i was forced into giving my sd card to my wife and have not purchased another yet. Edit: Got it installed, turns out i'm an idiot and somehow skipped past the sample startup.txt in the second post... guess i can't comment on others who don't read again :/
  4. This is the same problem that I am having with the market. Apps will show as starting to download, I can even watch the progress in the notification bar go to 100%, then it disapears and nothing happens. The app has not been downloaded or installed, should I try to watch the progress of the download from within the market, it will give the progress bar saying starting download, then stop and only give me the option to download again (which goes the exact same each time) Any ideas out there?
  5. Is anyone else having a problem with the market? My first few apps download with no problems, about my 4th download on says it's going to download, then resets itself. If i view it it market it just wants me to download again. Doesn't matter if i'm wifi, or 3g same results. Has anyone else had this, if so, how did you resolve?
  6. I'm having only one issue with the new release that i notice from day to day use, my time freezes. When i boot the time is correct at that moment, when i wake the phone up later the time is still frozen that that point. When i rotate my homescreen the clock in the status bar will update to the correct time, but will not update again untill i rotate the screen. My clock widget will generally never update the time from the point of booting up. The lockscreen time will randomly freeze also, at times leaving me with three different times showing (lockscreen, widget, status bar) I have reinstalled twice all with same effect. If anyone else has come across this, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. I've seen people post different keymaps throughout this forum... Is it not then possible to have the hardware camera button open the camera app without issue? I know I am unfamiliar with the core of the android system, just an avid user :), but can we not just set that button to open the camera app and not have issues with it? I am able to not press the button if it's not possible, it just is slightly frustrating at times to have a button that will immediately freeze the device
  8. Both camera and video recording worked perfectly for me. maybe an issue with your install?
  9. I am just blown away with this release, account sync right way, wifi connected immediatly, all movement and transitions are smooth and amazing. Angry bird rio works flawlessly, no choppiness at all( i'm finding the audio skips here and there, but that's not even an issue in my mind) all common phone features (text, calls etc..) are working perfectly. Top notch work for sure!!! I've been messing around quite a bit and havn't encountered so much as a fc. Just. Blown. Away. Thanks Dev Team Sorry for my...non concrete post in this thread, I'm just so happy to have this working as it is I couldn't help myself. (Though I'll make this my last ;) )
  10. Fair enough, sorry for the unnecessary question. I'm just so impressed and happy that you gave me android on this device I feel you should be compensated for your time. I'm sure many of us would not only be willing but very much want to give a donation to the Dev team. We all appreciate what you've given us immensely :) Thank you sir(s)
  11. I have been installing all beta via external storage. Is there real a difference in speed to go through the steps of an internal installation? I'm quite happy with the speed that it is currently working at, I'm just slightly curious if I could be happier ;)
  12. does anyone know the color code for the blue rings around the battery percentage? I would like to have the clock match if possible.
  13. Volteckst says in the first post not to mirror the download so the devs can gather stats. It won't be long before the official download page isn't so overloaded. We waited this long for a good working android on our phones, what's another little bit...
  14. I always do a fresh format before installing a new version of anything. It's a good practice, for the 2 mins (tops) it take to preform....why not. If it's for the sake of saving downloaded apps/settings, I don't see a point in risking any conflicts. Just start fresh with this release and be in awe of what we now have ;)
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