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  1. got no data and wifi connection.. wonder what have gone wrong.. hmm..
  2. the LG Optimus 2x has 512MB of RAM attached.. if you wondered why it's only showing 370MB, the rest is DEDICATED for NVidia ULP GPU TEGRA 2. the same goes for Galaxy S II where it says 1GB of RAM but only 800+ available due to GPU Memory. and if you wondered why it's never been 370MB of Free RAM, then it's being used for system running. i do feel some lags back then, but that's because i'm running LG stock Home Launcher cause i love the weather widget, but when i switched to another custom homescreen, especially CM7, nothing feels lag enough. it's true that killing tasks brutally doesn't always result in better performance, kill only apps that won't start automatically or apps that fails to exit properly, some task that needed in the background won't be a wise to kill, cause it'll re-start and takes more battery.. i don't find any harmful problems in O2x ever since i'm using FR19, it pushed O2x to the best shape and it's a great phone.. not the best but definitely one of the best :)
  3. IMHO best so far - Paul's MCR FR19
  4. well.. what can i say here.. i own the 2x for 3months+ firstly it was a buggy device, a bit disappointing in the start, hot it's laggy and so.. but then learned how to do paul's customs and then it feels awesome. all i can say is 2x was an awesome device, released with tons of bugs and performance issue but getting much better with paul's rom and it can stay close to sensation and galaxy SII the galaxy S II in other hand, runs smoothly since first hands on.. everyday phone already, almost no bug and considered to be the top amongst android smartphone nowadays.. however it lacks on GPS positioning, and compared to 2x it feels a bit "cheap" rather than premium smartphone because it's plastic body.. overall those 2 were awesome android phones nowadays, no regret having them both. i'm just waiting for gingerbread update for the 2x and i bet it can run much better and keep close to SII :D
  5. apparantely, i flashed GR1 from FR19 with 622 Baseband, got connected to 3G networks but no data connection, it shows sent receive activity but seems like it only send and not receiving data. perhaps i should flashed the Gingerbread Baseband.. i'll post afterwards..
  6. i'm speechless.. seems like you're the only one who really care about our optimus 2x releases updates.. *sob sob* i love you man :*
  7. works perfect on my P990, but i got an issue playing .mkv files, it won't show subtitles..
  8. do a full wipe, convert to ext3, because FR17 is ext4, then install FR19 from CWM. you can find the convert to ext3 link somewhere around, keep reading.
  9. nandroid backup - wipe - convert ext3 - flash 0622 baseband - install FR19, working fine, and i don't get any freeze playing plants vs zombie anymore! hail paul! :)
  10. Fr19 can play plant vs zombie already? currently running Fr17 and i can't play that game, but said running very well on stock rom and CMs, can paul fix this issue please? thank you in advance, your roms are awesome ;)
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