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  1. Hi gang, Anyone know of a car stereo which provides all the following: DAB (this is vital). BT streaming music from phone to stereo. BT handsfree support for any BT phone. Preferably a front panel Aux-in socket for pluggin in the iPod. Failing that, as I already have a DAB with an Aux-In socket, is there any add on device which will allow me to have Handsfree phone use through the stereo, which will auto switch to the phone if a call comes in? I'm guessing this is quite common now. However I'd like for such a device to also allow me to stream BT music from the phone to the stereo. Cheers!!! Blakey
  2. No, colour doesn't matter to me particularly...
  3. I'm out of contract next month. I'm on T-mobile Flext with WnW and have a SIM unlocked Orange m600 that I'm very pleased with. Its getting a bit long in the tooth now and I think I need an upgrade. I'm torn between the m700/Trinity and the new Kaiser/Vario III. thing is I would guess the Trinity is going to be cheaper as its the older phone (and hopefully the price might drop a bit more now the Kaiser is out). I can't really see any point getting the Kaiser over the Trinity. All it gives me is WM6 (dont see any great advantage in that yet), a slightly better camera (I hardly ever use the one on my m600) and a keyboard which I'm certain just adds weight for no benefit for me. So, if I were to get a Trinity, what is the cheapest way to get one? Other than Orange (who are not any good as I get no Orange signal in my house), who can I get this phone from under contract? Thanks Blakey
  4. Does this mean that Google Maps will basically do what TomTom does for you but is free? Assuming you have WnW anyway and as such get "free" data access? Okay, so Google Maps doesn't give you voice commands but will do routing. Will Google Maps update the route as you drive?
  5. Blakey

    Web n Walk

    I'm on Web n Walk. Its brill. But I'm in month 16 of my 18 month contract and can upgrade in month 17. So I'm beginning to shape up into seeing what contract out there best fits my needs. Checking my T-Mobile account I can easily enough figure out how many texts and how many minutes I am using each month from my bills. However, there is nowhere where I can see how much data I am using. Other than installing a GPRS monitor on my phone, is there a way I can find these numbers out? Will t-Mob tell me if I call them? Cheers Blakey
  6. Is it possible to set the Kaiser up so it only tries to use the 3G network for data and not for calls? Assume I never want to use the Kairser to make a 3G video call. I don't want it constantly looking for the 3G network and switching back and forth between 2G and 3G where the 3G signal is bad as that drains the battery, and I can see zero reason for not staying 100% on the 2G network where calls (GSM) is concerned. But I want to take advantage of the 3G possibilities for data traffic as I'm on unlimited data package. So where possible I want GPRS to use the 3G network. Can you do this? Can you set the phone up to always use 2G/GSM for voice and only try and use 3G/GPRS for data? Hope this makes sense. Blakey
  7. Incidentally I don't think anyone is going to vote No on this one - seems pointless joining this poll to say you're not interested in the Kaiser at all..... ;-)
  8. I voted Modaco branded without contract but would equally be interested in the standard HTC without contract if there is no Modaco option available.... Blakey
  9. http://www.4winmobile.com/forums/4wm-news/...4th-august.html Looks like Vodafone may be stocking the Kaiser from either 24th or 26th August depending on if you believe the topic title or content...
  10. You dont need the stylus to use Memory Map really - you can program buttons for zoom in and zoom out and it auto centres on the GPS signal. However if you wanted to use it for anything else I'd say forget it. Don't think it would work. Anyway, what are you going to do? You'd have to take it out of the jacket to get to the stylus in the first place...
  11. http://www.modaco.com/Waterproof-Case-t247717.html This thread has an option for you. I've tested this and to be completely honest its a total pain in the backside getting it in and out again. It does work, it is cheap (cheapest I've found). It is water proof. Issues: reading the map in strong sunlight. Getting the phone in and out. Blakey
  12. Although way over your price range Brodit do a bike mount which looks very good: http://www.dsldevelopments.com/brodit/BikeMountDSL.asp I don't own it but have considered it. As for software I have to agree that Memory Map is superb for bike riding - especially if you're an offroader. If you're a road cyclist then TomTom is probably fine and has the advantage that you can use it in your car too! If you go for the brodit option, you can use the same m600 holder in your car as on your bike, thus saving you money if you're prepared to shift it back and forth. Doesn't help with the water proofing or crash proofing at all of course. There is a long thread with pictures about this somewhere on here - have a look through this forum for it... Blakey
  13. Hi Neil, Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. So it sounds like I'm good to go with respect to moving the maps over to my Kaiser when I get it. Next question on this: I currently own GB road maps with my m600. If I buy all of Western Europe now (which includes GB) I will be able to uninstall GB and install WE onto my m600. When I upgrade to a Kaiser in a few months I intend to give my m600 to my girlfriend to use simply as a Sat Nav option, although she might use it as a phone as well I guess. I assume I will be able to uninstall WE maps off the m600 and reinstall GB maps again and give it to her, and then install WE maps on the Kaiser. This should be totally legal, right? As I bought both versions separately. Whereas its probably dodgy to install the WE maps on both machines as I'll only have bought it once. Or would that be legal? Thanks Blakey
  14. Cheers!! That makes sense to me. I've gone through and painstakingly changed all my telephone numbers of all my contacts to +44 on the front now. Am off to France at the end of the month so will send a few MMS then and see if it works! Cheers Blakey
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