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  1. I've tried to find this "Wannabe-Sens" on this forum but couldn't find it. Could you point me to the topic where it is available? Thanks.
  2. Calm down kid. Yes the TIM camera is different. No there isn't a solution yet. ZTE is recalling the phones because of the TIM model does not have all the advertised features. You should have a look at this link: http://blog.deyvisonrocha.com.br/398/2011/07/carta-envio-zte-brasil-zte-x850-tim/
  3. I just end up looking up APKs on the net and installing them... guess what, the app works like a charm. Thanks to this stupid compatibility check I am now a pirate.
  4. Are they really recalling the phones? Where can I find information about this? Português: Eles estão mesmo fazendo recall do ZTE da TIM? Onde consigo informação sobre isso?
  5. Contrary to the majority here, i think the soft keys vibrations are pretty useful. when an application is not responding or running slowly it is the only way of knowing that i have pressed the button or not
  6. i am sticking with the stock rom until the camera issue gets sorted out (i've got one of the infamous TIM X850-U phones). but my battery is lasting less than a day, I wonder if FM radio is the issue, do you know if this fm radio draining battery also affects stock roms? because honestly, its almost one month with the phone and i havent listened to radio one. single. time. so uninstalling the app wouldn't make a difference to me. and so envy of you, this rom looks AWESOME but i cant use it yet because the camera for me is a must :)
  7. now that fm radio support has been added, and if the accelerometer lag has been resolved, the only things still keeping me with the stock rom are the camera and that bug with DHCP when the server has a long lease. despite this, this rom is a wonderful job!
  8. If he accepts I would be happy to donate, if we get 5 or more people to contribute this will relatively cheap,it's hard to find the phone on TIM's stores due to the demand but on extra.com.br it is R$ 300 aprox. USD 180.
  9. Jayme, does your cellphone is from TIM carrier????
  10. luckily i ve downloaded the 1.1 version (i found it on a post you made here in this forum, so i really should thank you for saving my phone =] ). i am really not bothered by the new boot screen, i prefer a "wo" boot screen than my phone before the flash (damage caused by LCD Density Changer 3.0): my only resort was the tpt flash because usb debugging was disabled on the phone, and it couldn't enter fasboot mode (maybe the stock bootloader had it disabled by the carrier) then after that i went to install clockwork mod and re-install the "clockworkmod able" stock rom i found in the topic about "stock roms"
  11. Dunno about other stock roms but my racer came with a calibration app, is it possible to use something like this on the custom rom?
  12. Yeah, i did it as a last resort, my phone was really messed up. about the partition sizes, it looks its the same as stock roms, according to /proc/mtd on the new rom and the system.info file of a romdump of a stock rom (layouts identical)
  13. I am offering my help too. Not too much experience with android roms in particular but have some linux experience then i can find my way thru it. At least I could help with testing though. Contact thru caiocc12 @t gmail d0t com in google talk.
  14. You are lucky, I recently almost bricked my phone, searched for hours and found it! It is a chinese image, so be prepared to find your way through the menus and change it to english. Camera does not work in this image, so you better have a backup of your stock ROM. The ROM is available at http://u.115.com/file/f082f11464 and includes all these files, needed for a TPT flash. To flash it you will need USDL_P726CV1.00.00, google for "v880_conversion_recovery" and you will find a package v880_conversion_recovery.zip, that contains this flasher. The cellphone must be in "download mode", you follow these steps: 1 - remove the battery 2 - press Vol + and Vol - simultaneously 3 - without releasing the buttons, plug in the USB cable 4 - wait for windows to find the device, i suggest you to keep Device Manager open and watching for any changes 5 - now you can release the buttons. The flasher is in chinese, but after you open it there is a button, "English Version". click it, close the flasher and open it again. Configure the flasher to connect to the right COM port, choose the option "Download", set the directory where the ROM is stored and click "Start All" to flash. Good luck!
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