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  1. So this is my first preview on BB67 just stop spamming on wih work wich doesn't: -> SE stock Bootscreen -> then bootloop 4 times -> Import my contact from micro sd : ok -> Configuring my google account : ok -> Edge ok -> Wi-Fi with hidding SSID : ok -> Sync with picassa / : ok -> Interface not very responsive -> Installing apk : ok -> Quadrant score (2 pass) : 1030 -> Native wifi tether : WLOD -> Connection via USB : not connecting -> Landscape mode for game : WLOD -> Landscape mode for Gallery 3D : ok -> Can't use camera app : photo aren't stored -> Proximity sensor doesn't seem to work -> GPS : ok (navigon) This is what I test
  2. Hi trip, could you tell us what have you tested before your x10 died ? What about the camera and camcoder ? After posted on xda, I think this is really strange, you post a release but no link,so people are completely mad and finally, you said your x10 is broken :) ............................. Right now, I'm completely mad lol You're a good developper, you make good roms so, I'll donate right now ;-) 5$ - 48739343KU781123K
  3. Feature Date: 16-06-2011 Username: ripp2003 Level: Normal - Torch function in notification bar Torch function is present in the notication bar but not functionnal. In Wolf rom, (Cyanogen) this function runs ok with the torch apk ;-)
  4. Just tested : -> 1.6.9 on BB49 -> Installing mod350-fix1-miui221 -> booting..... then everything force to closed ;) -> remove battery -> Installing mod351-miui222 -> booting..... then everything force to closed :P so, nothing work for me.... maybe changing the baseband but, BB49 and BB52 are very closed
  5. This kernel don't work for me too on BB49 with 1.6.9 Rom boot but, everything has force to closed.... Xrecovery is always here so restore right now my backup.
  6. Very good rom ;-) but some problem wich was in the 1.6.5 with BB49: -> always lag when you record a video in high mode. -> in sms apps, first message is a little bit hide : you must scroll down to see it entirely. -> problem whith proximity sensor : screen reacticate itself just after a few seconds (after the vibration).... installing sanity resolve the problem. otherwise, this last rom is reactive, lock screen.......very very good.
  7. I use the 3.50 kernel with 1.6.5 and Wahou, it 's good. Actually, don't find any reason to return to stock ;) -> battery seems to be good (deep sleep ok so great) -> overclock ok -> camera photo ok -> camcoder ok (very happy to record video) -> gps -> 3g no crash since 24 hours Best firmware ever made
  8. Same problem here, have to reinstall via SEUS or, if you have the firmware file, yse flashtool ;-)
  9. Not testing by me, you remove the link ;-) so don't have time to test myself but some users have reported WLOD and, probleme with 3G so....
  10. Hi, Will stay on 1.6.5, seems to have strong bug on the 1.6.9.... Really waiting for 2.0 ;-)
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