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  1. hey equiliym, yes, busy with other work. I don't have any source right now, i've used Tom G's source. You can try with his source, making some changes specific to racer. Below are the kernel's that i've last compiled. I don't remember which one is working from these.( As i've already told, it has many issues and is not perfect) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50969746/vamshi35test3NBV.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50969746/vamshi_35test1.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50969746/vamshi_kernel.35test.zip For the above kernel to work fine, you need to copy "copybit.blade.so" and "gralloc.blade.so" from blade ROM to racer and rename it to "copybit.mooncake.so" and "gralloc.mooncake.so".
  2. Hola, Yes, you are right. I stopped working on it long back as i don't have time for it. There were some issues related to wifi,accelerometer.etc.. However, if you want to have a look at .35, i'll can upload(if i find any) the last one that i've compiled.
  3. Hola mate, i'm busy with other stuff and hard to put time on this. No progress of .35. I'll try to have a look at it on next weekend..
  4. bro u are awesome.

  5. Any Gen2 guy, once check this if it is working or not. This is not a installable zip file, try adding ramdisk and install. Let me know the result then i can make final one.
  6. Hola guys, i am busy with my work so, cant follow the thread. Regards Gen2, i'll do it soon, maybe within a week. My internet connection here is damn slow, it takes hours to download toolchain.
  7. I have the msm_ts with zoomhack enabled. But i need to make a lot of changes in msm_ts for calibration. I'll soon look at it.
  8. Hola guys, Checkout first post for mirror link. PinchToZoom/Dual Touch will not work with my kernel.
  9. Sorry, i am busy with my work and can't reply to every comment. As someone asked about disabling haptic feedback, no you cant disable it. In next kernel .35 there is no need of touch_to _key and virtualkeys work fine. If there is anyone who need kernel for Gen2, come up with the base address by tomorrow afternoon or else you can wait for longtime as i wont login any sooner.
  10. If there are more no.of users who need it for Gen2, then i can look at it. I am not aware of base address for gen2. So let me know about it.
  11. Just press on the name/symbols or bit above it not too near to screen. It is working fine.
  12. Goto Menu-> System Settings -> Personal -> Lockscreen -> Style Options -> Lockscreen Style -> Lense
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