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  1. i hope it too but need unlock the bootloader...
  2. So, would you recommend it to a friend? i not see an alternative for the same price... or the HTC one S for +55€?
  3. what about this? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1991020 can we do the same for our cm7.2?
  4. Can someone upload here or in a zip the wallpapers of acer cloudmobile? Thanks
  5. Anyway we must wait the really final version of CM7.2... A little question, can I install it with TWRP or this rom need malez recovery?
  6. so battery is good? i know that it's only 1460 mAh...
  7. should be possible to port the last cm7.2 kernel with the memory managment in this miui?
  8. good! There are som bugs that should be fixed before release?
  9. are you serious? can we have a good and stable ics rom?
  10. you have 16 bit colors too? There is a solution?
  11. Seems a really good rom. Nice work, and thank you lupohirp :)
  12. really thank you! It's an update or a full rom?
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