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  1. Try holding Power + vol up + vol down. That should shut the phone down. Then just try and power it up
  2. So i have been following the development for the ICS on ZTE Blade. But i have one simple question, Is ColdFusionX Good for a Daily use Rom? My Personal Activites (Facebook, Calls, Texting, Wifi Tethering, Scrable with Friends and a Bit of Youtube)
  3. Iv been using this for the last week or so, and after having high hopes im a bit disappointed with it. Mainly being battery life But for Speed it has been great, nice and responsive and scrolling has been great. I have adjusted the CPU-Overclock Settings but that has changed much. Max:604 - Min:122 Governor: Conservative & SmartAss2 Im lucky to get a Day worth of battery when its left untouched. Back to Fish and Chips i go
  4. I am also experiencing this myself,i go to Accounts & Sync and go to add accounts then when i click on Facebook quits back to Accounts and sync Few other things iv found out using RLS2. Using the new Facebook, it tends to lock up when i initially load up the application, after 30 seconds it processed to start to loadNormally would rather using the default keyboard + predictive text, but i have had swipe grow on me, and now prefer itBeen Really enjoying the default font you guys have setother than facebook, general getting around the phone, swapping apps (closing and opening new ones) it seems to be much betterHave been experiencing laggy music playback. stop starting, this is with all applications closed using ap-killerOverall still pretty darn happy
  5. Also Changed over from CM7, Been pretty impressed so far with the speed of this rom. Looks great and runs fast. only thing iv encounted with it, is that i cannot sync my contacts with my facebook images, but i think this has something to do with the new version of the facebook app : /
  6. Me and a Mate have been looking in to it for the last couple of days now. We are trying to get my blade to connect on to "telstra Next G" UMTS 850 in Australia. we believe we are slowly making progress (we never done anything like this before but its pretty fun) Here is some small info of our findings And Research links My link[REF] Coorelation between radio image and libhtc_ril.so [Archive] - xda-developers These Two Roms Below We have had read info relating to them which may hint to them possibly having the UMTS Band Swedish Stock Rom CSE_P729VV1.0.0B04 ro.build.version.release=2.2 ro.build.date=Thu Feb 10 04:30:29 CST 2011 ro.build.sw_internal_version=CSE_P729VV1.0.0B04 ro.build.display.id=CSE_P729VV1.0.0B01 ro.com.google.gmsversion=2.1_r9 Doesnt Connect to Any Form of Networks :( But is progress non-the-less China Unicom (China): V880 UNI_CN_P729CUV1.0.0B13 ro.build.version.release=2.2 ro.build.date=Tue Nov 16 16:18:16 CST 2010 ro.build.sw_internal_version=P729CUV1.0.0B07 ro.build.display.id=UNI_CN_V880 1.1 When using this stock rom from china, my phone connects to "G" which being my sim only connects to 850mhz its showing hints of working But after about 4 seconds i drop to no signal and nothing In Summary: We Belive that it maybe possible to get UMTS 850 on the ZTE Blade Purely because of the ZTE Racer Has this Band and Is using the Exact same Radio/Chipset! And there is a Link Between the following files: These 3 files are RIL (Radio Interface Layer) libril.so libril-qcril-hook-oem.so libril-qc-1.so & amss.mbn [belive this to be kind of a Hardware Driver for the Radio) Anyway Just Throwing out findings out there. If we have any luck will let you know
  7. Supplier / Model Orange San Francisco ZTE P6729B Generation: Generation 2 Original ROM: Unknown ROM Used after going to GEN2: Cynagon 7 Network Provider / Country: Telstra Next G / Australia HSUPA: Unknown 850MHZ: Nope sadly, Currently trying to figure out how to get it to Quad-Band
  8. Get well Mate. :) I think i have found one small Bug with v1.113 When i use USSD Codes (think thats what they call em, for example my phone companys one is #100#) It loads the first screen fine, then when i go to text back 1,2,3,4,X the screen turns itself off. i don't think i experienced this with the earlier releases. No biggy just need to press the power button to bring it back up :rolleyes:
  9. Hi, Just Signed up to Comment, and give some feedback I recently purchased a Telstra Smart Touch (Australian Re-badged ZTE Racer) I originally downloaded your Rom "v1.0 update1", As to me this seemed to be the most complete rom i could find at the time My Experience with this was pretty good, only drama i found was the touch screen when typing using my finger seemed very inaccurate but this could be ruled out as my large fingers last night i was looking for a new rom as iv been finding some sms haven't been getting though to my phone, which im unsure if its my provider, the Rom or something else. Just earlier i download your latest build v1.100. I have found there to be no overly noticeable changes on my phone from my short use of this rom. But two things that i have found straight away. *The Red/Green LED is now lighting up to give me notifications ;) *The Physical buttoms on the front now light up when im using the phone, they didnt with the previous rom *The Keypad seems to be more accurate with what button i press, but it seems like i have to touch right on top of the spacebar for it to work, but all the previous keys that were hard to hit seem to be easier. Fingers Crossed this is looking to be better. Keep up the Good Work :P! Looking forward to your future releases
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