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  1. I may be being really stupid here but i bought one yesterday and my normal wired mouse and keyboard from my main computer don't do anything, am i missing something? Do you need an or change something in the settings? Also do the devices need to meet some kind of compliance? They are old, like 5 years old but work with windows 7. Maybe i need to engage something for it to work. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks guys. Lj
  2. Sorry, don't know if this helps but it refers to the device as a portable device and a WPD file system volume driver???? and will not let me replace the driver in any way.
  3. Hi can anyone help, i have carried out the vega firmware update. then in device manager mine came up as Nvidia something (Not Harmony) anyway it's the right one but as soon as i power my vega on in debugging mode it finds it as a portable windows device and seems to auto assign a windows 2006 driver, which for the life of me i cannot replace, it keeps saying that the drivers from Pauls rom are not designed for 32 bit windows and asked for a different driver so i keep going round in circles. I've tried uninstalling the drivers, putting my vega in recovery and reconnecting, will not work......really need help please....really want the market. Thanks LJ
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