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  1. Thanks for the answers ;) I handed my Liquid Metal today for warranty. The problem of my Liquid metal was the touch keys they stop working ...
  2. Vache site is down. I need oficial rom to flash for warranty. Can anyone upload 1.100.49 ? Please
  3. Thanks BlackDiamond87 ;) If i flash 4.000.13 and recovery CWM, i will not have any problem with warranty? I say this because on acer support site the last version is 1.000.49 ...
  4. Thanks again :D I can flash any recovery i want ?! That's is my doubt ... And anyone can tell me what i have to do for flash the bin with ADT ?!
  5. Thanks ! The last version i had in my phone before i flash a new rom is 1.100.49, it´s ok flash now 4.000.13 ? And about recovery ? What recovery i have to flash ?
  6. I have perfomance rom right now on my liquid metal and i want to take my phone to warranty, what i have to do to flash stock rom ? Sorry for my english :unsure: Thanks to all !
  7. Hi all, i have flash this rom but i have one problem, i can´t receive any voice calls :( anyone knows anything about this ?
  8. Hi, So, i just flashed your t&l_Metal_2.3.6_13 and i can´t find the option to change to Android UI ? What i have to do ?
  9. Problem solved ! :D I had tried with another Sd Card and works ! Thanks for the help !
  10. Ok, so i have to take out the SD card and transfer the acer_ug file through some other device or card reader ? There is another way to make this ?
  11. But when i take out the sd card and power the phone he goes directly to sd download tool, it's a little bit strange ...
  12. I have made this 4.) Boot to SD Download Mode with Camera / Vol- / Power (the phone will vibrate 3 times) when enter in sd download mode give me an error and start vibrate. And when i power the phone goes directly to sd download mode and start vibrating again :| What i have to do ?
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