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  1. Losing erickas is a big big struck for the B7610 user's...now i have a HD2 but i still love the B7610 and i really wanted to have a functional android on it...i will try to learn something but don't expect too much... anyway, if some italian user want to talk about B7610 or learn something in his mothertongue, he can visit my newborn website This link will send you to the homepage and this link will send you to B7610 section. Hope that this device won't die cause i really loved it when i was using it.
  2. Isascaboy89

    B7610 Dumped Rom

    Hi and thx for the answer...sorry if i reply only now. By the way i can't find the tool that you're are talking about...could you link it to me?
  3. Isascaboy89

    one final rom !!

    I'm interested in start cooking but i need time (a lot) to learn how to do it. So for the moment don't count on me
  4. Hi to everybody. I've dumped the rom of my B7610, with a disk dumper found somewhere (i don't remember where) here on modaco. When the dump is finished, i've obtained a file with .BIN extension. How can i use this file? Do i need to convert it and if i have to do it, how can i do it? Thx to all
  5. Hi. Our phone it's a bit out of date but i will try to "revive" him by starting to learn cookin roms. I hope i will learn enough and i hope to be skilled enough to ccok something
  6. Ok so i can hard reset my phone without losing android cause i've installed it on my external SDcard. Great and thanks for the precious help. Any news about something related to the android developing?
  7. Hi. Just a question: If i hard reset my phone but i don'rformat the sd, it is necessary to reinstall android or i could just re-put the o2beta folder and all the fall on the root of MyStorage?
  8. I can confirm. With a samsung 32gb class 10 sd android is f***ing fast
  9. It's strange...for me it all works well...can you try with a different SD?
  10. I just want to ay that i have no problem at all with android, my question was asked just because lot of people ask me what update they should place and what not...
  11. I mean the update that you release for the ones who have boot problems...
  12. Can i suggest you to release a "release" with all the root, boot and headphone updates included?
  13. if with return button you mean back button you are looking for the button on the right that locks the phone in winmo
  14. yes that exactly what i mean... This release (the light one) is sure more good for battery saving, but the absence of market icon it's a big point in favor of the "full version" EDIT : Sorry, my last two post were hard to understand cause i'm a bit tired. I've decided to use the full version and look for tricks to make it less "battery drainer" I will also make some gps test and lot of other test like intense use, intense 3g navigation, try some market apps and lot of stuff like this. I will report my tests results when i can. ( i hope to report something every day)

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