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  1. Yea, will be the 'Backup my data' in the settings. Happened to me too a few months back. It will say turning it off will delete all data on the google servers, but I have wiped and flashed ROMs since, and my contacts and calender etc always restore.
  2. Ok guys. Have a weird issue. Its with Facebook. Its kindda not displaying properly. The text is bigger, and its all kind of messy, like when a website dont load properly, thats the only way I can discribe it. I have uninstalled....reinstalled, cleared cache etc. Still same. Its not a huge issue. But thought Id see if anyone else has this.
  3. I've not had it at all since moving to this from ICS. Maybe thats just me tho.
  4. Sounds like your Battery Stats are messed up. Which does happen when flashing ROM's. Download 'Battery Calibration' from the STORE. Its free, just follow the instructions. Easy. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nema.batterycalibration&hl=en Hope it helps.
  5. Just get 'RD Mute' from store. That I think does the job you are looking for.......maybe.
  6. I had this awesome ROM on since day 1 of release. I have also used "Alarmdroid" (free on the store) since day 1. NEVER had an alarm issue and I use it everyday. And when I sleep my phone is on silent. It still goes off no problem. So maybe something wrong with the defual alam....I dont know, I dont use it.
  7. Isn't that just your phone (google account) redownloading all your apps from store after your wipe?. I could be wrong. But if so....use wifi dude ;)
  8. Wrong dude. Youtube app does work. Just not HD. And sometime not on wifi. But if you turn wifi off....It works.
  9. Just flashing now. Thanks KanstaT for your hard work and updates, and also never ending support. Most of which seem to be the same old questions :)
  10. Yea dude. Follow them instruction to the letter. Or even look on youtube. Don't be scared. It can be a little daunting if a rom gives you the boot-loop screen. Has happened to me a few time's now. It certainly made me wary of updating again. But its all fixable, it really is. And once you know what ya doing, tpt's, flashing, All starts to happen with ease. Done loads now. And other peoples.
  11. Konstat wins for me. Have tried many many roms. Always come back to a Konstat rom. Always work best for me. Or even try his Swedish Snow rom. All are very fast, smooth and stable (apart from a couple of issues on all 4.0.4 roms).
  12. In-call volume Is all ok for me. Have just checked....3 times. +/- work as they should, volume increase and decrease.
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