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  1. Flash player works? User agent switching?
  2. I tried to replug screen conector and screen still broken :((
  3. I was hit by a car and Blade fell out. 1/4 of screen is working, 2/4 is black, and the rest are vertical green lines. No visible scrashs or cracks What should I do?
  4. lol looool

    how to play mp4 videos?

    Because 600 mhz of processor can't handle 720p videos on Android
  5. Hi, is any method to import FM RDS feature on any Gingerbread ROM like Swedish Snow for example? On CM7 is not possible yet.
  6. lol looool

    Wifi Connectivity Issue

    Only Cyanogen Mod 7 ROMS are able to connect to ad-hoc wifi networks
  7. Why "H/W acceleation" are on working list? Openmax drivers wasn't released
  8. lol looool

    CPU vs Number of Cores?

    Android General Discussion i think
  9. What Kernel inludes FM RDS Function?
  10. Build prop says ro.cm.version=9.0.0-RC0-blade-KANG
  11. There are Sowftware like MIUI Gallery not fully translated :(
  12. It will be useless because most filehosting we use is banned on China by **** GFC 115.com gaves an 404 Not found error

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