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  1. Little edit: :D i did a mistake in that hours. I had 68% at 01:00 and 2% at 09:00 so it drained my battery in 8 hours..i didnt look to battery settings so i cant tel you:/ but now i have first process "cell standby"and when i tap that graph awake had many, many little blue bars night..how can i find out which app doesn`t let the phone deep sleep?because i was forced to turn data off
  2. Last night I had serious battery issues for first time :/ I had 68%battery at 1AM and when I woke up at 9PM i had 2% of battery..i have 3g with data on
  3. Btw. I'm using this rom about week and im having as good battery life as i had on swedish snow! Thanks One more question: how can i fix voice search?i cant get it work..yes i have copied voicesearch.apk to system/app and changed its permissions but still fc's :/
  4. Great rom! so happy with it. but can you help me?do you use App2SD?i was using swedish snow before and it has Darktremor`s a2sd script added in rom so you can use ext partition to install apps. Please can you add this script to your rom?Or any advice?:) I have 500mb ext2 partition Sorry for my "great" english :P
  5. 160$ thats something about 150euro, and I can have Desire X for 200euro so I`m gonna buy Desire. But thanks for your opinions :) Cheers
  6. Okay but 300$ for Xiaomi plus shipping seems expensive for me..im not calling every chinese phone a crap,just a few ones that i saw on android-sale. I know zte is chinese too and blade is great phone for its price. Huawei makes good phones and tablets too. Im just saying that site is full of cheap fakes.
  7. That site (android-sale.com ) is full of chinese crap*s and xiaomi`s are expensive. So Iam considering Gnexus, Galaxy S Advance, Desire X.
  8. Galaxy nexus looks great thats true, has very good specs but ... http://blog.gsmarena.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus-battery-life-fully-tested-results-come-out-disappointing-test/ and i dont want to buy extended battery because i like how slim it is.
  9. Thanks for the tips. Huawei and Zte are making decent phones but its still chinese in my eyes. I like my Blade a lot but if iam going to buy a new phone i want htc or samsung.Galaxy s3 mini is too expensive for its hardware and i saw it only in white. I would like GNexus but it has terrible battery and thats important for me.(i would buy razr maxx if i could :D ) So Desire X or Galaxy S Advance?(i like htcsense bit more but, ..jellybean?that sounds good:) ) Edit: htc said that jellybean for desire x is coming "very soon"
  10. Bit offtopic, xiaomi is unavailable in europe..
  11. Well I own OSF something about year and half and its still in great condition,I have a perfect stable rom(swedish snow) but I want a new phone. Can you friends help me with choosing Samsung: Galaxy ace 2 Galaxy s advance Galaxy nexus Htc: Desire X Sensation
  12. As I wrote, i'm using Swedish Snow rls7 and Holo Launcher. That Beats logo is just replaced headset icon.
  13. yeah, I know, I have some little basics of using apkmanager but its not enough to replace that icon :D doesnt matter, i like it how it looks now:) maybe is there some protection like flshg said
  14. I tried decompile apk through apkmanager, replaced that icon but then apk won`t install :/
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