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  1. Options yes, Google how to optimus 2x flash kdz, sorry for asking(never had a locked phone), won't official LG updater let you update? Btw, I posted link for the kdz updater at xda. This updater have workaround to let you pass LG if you're rooted..
  2. To fix this for sure, learn how to NVFlash, you will get your phone most if your phone cleared as well. As I have a ril issue I pm Ferrum Master, I already did NVFlash, but after this I have to update flash 20s using LG update by imei, then phone will be clean :) It's been more than a year since I last used it, but Homero released a rooted rom in NVFlash format, and now Bihariel made it possible to run dual boot on o2x, great if you need a stable system and test new roms simultaneously :)
  3. Well, since the day the leak became an easy to install rom both experienced and newbies flashed, since new builds were linked every day the bricks have been all over, thousand help me posts, and a simple search links to NVFlash. All the moaning about the ics somehow stole my desire for it. Can't stand that blue ics colour so I guess I'll have to extract gingerbread icons. Every posting here are from experienced users, this goes to all those jumping in searching how to: LEARN HOW TO NVFLASH. THEN INSTALL THE LEAK :)
  4. You're aware you haven't tried any tb, you've tried cm ics.....
  5. Tillaz Installed this rom yesterday, works great, and I really like all those settings you`ve created here :) appreciated work. And nice boot animation too :) I did install latest kernel from Spica1234, it has better battery life than stock kernel. I read hundreds of post yesterday, in on of them I saw someone had a wish which you quoted something like: I`d need some help then..........Spica are the one inventing new stuff for stock based roms o2x, per example he made the OTF(on the fly settings for kernels), he also came up with strong vibrator and most battery saved settings in his compilations and with his toolchain. I saw Benee made a 10 step vibration for cm based roms and I've asked Spica if he could look into it for stock kernels......I know he tried unsuccessfully with HP-SS-6 test build(pre sr4). I`m a regular user of Carburanos Django Manouche stock based rom from XDA, used it since his second release, as he have vacation I found that I had to try all the new roms like paranoid android, cm9 and so on, Ive tried every version you released, only been a bit anonymous, usually posting from phone and xda have an app for it that`s really handy ;) as a stock rom user, i have a couple of questions: 1. I looked in your init.d folder, can you please explain if you modified the memory management? To me it seems very aggressive, I have over 200 mb free ram, or you've made changes that prevents many apps from running all the time? 2. The mods you`ve made for changing mount of storage, will they work on all stock based 20S roms? 3. I love center clock, I've read earlier that this could give issues if you get to many downloads without clearing per example, is this true? Also, I have some wishes like alternative memory profiles, xperia launcher instead, stock clock(an old version, don't stop countdown if you hit back, on later versions it does), and if you`re able and just want stock kernel and no additions it would be nice if you could look into the vibrator(its too weak stock, and too strong on existing hack). You`ve made Atomic, it have features no others have, amazing development Tillaz :) final wish, as it yesterday was posted here that ics will arrive, please develop rom then too ;) To Paul if you read this forum still: If you get a leak, please compile a kitchen for us :) it`s been a while, you and Tillaz can get back the activity we had last year here :) Thanks a lot for your work, best wishes from SuperSkill :) edit: The rom lags/long reaction time(say browser, usually have press things 2 times or wait a few seconds) and in various situations the text aren't visible like in pull down menu and the text marker are not placed correctly , if this gets fixed it will be good :)
  6. Good news from a good source, funny, posted xda earlier today if some who knows Paul could contact him about a leak :)
  7. Hi aksolanski:) Nice to see you around(i have actually seen you post on xda a couple of times) :) If I were to sell my o2x i would not do it with cm7 or 9(not 10 either if it were released). I would sell it with a custom stock based rom as an optimised o2x with some instructions for how to flash rom and kernels and link them here and xda. If no luck i would try completly stock and just nvflash it if sold ;) OK, but i would keep it if I were you :)
  8. Hi, sorry, will do on in the coming weekend, nightshift at work, my daughter birthday, and my theme must update to 20S as well. But by the weekend it will be posted some shots. Every icon are greytoned to make it as minimalistic as i felt possible and of course, i dont like the colorfull themes, nor cloned themes from ics(i want real stock ics) with all respect for those making them, its a lot of work :)
  9. Tillaz, please contiune this, people are on their way back here now, we have started posting here again. Lets get thiso2x site back to what it was last summer :)
  10. Also you Carburano, always a good guy who knows what friendship are about. Ferrum, yes we are here as well, on time we get this site back on track, nice to see you are still visiting, please continue to do that mate :)
  11. Not 7 days anymore, I believe it will get back alive here, I released my first theme here, my best friend Carburano will release his amazing stock rom Django Manouche here too now. Ok, so we should also get Spica1234 to release his kernels here, ive mentioned it to him, I think he will soon. Adrenaline Force based on Spicas toolchain released here as well. Im getting this toolchain too now, and I hope and think I will make some good kernels based on it and with my also best friend Spica`s guidance. So I hereby challenge every dev or user who have good news, anything new, to post it here and get MoDaCo Optimus back in the state it was a few months ago. Also, thanks to Tillaz for not giving up and releasing his work here :)
  12. Finally something happens here, thanks for releasing here as well. Now its your turn Carburano. I did my theme here just now, so lets get together and get this place up and going again. Thanks Shreeprajay for release here:)
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