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  1. That's ok then, so the other option is to go at the minfree file and make some changes. Push one end even higher and the other end lower. Not sure how far you would want to go but some poeple have been known to reach 100mb. Could cut the 5300 down to 2048 and the other side 14697 to 24576 (96mb) ??? Billy..
  2. Ed you may want to have a look at the omm settings, I noted the change that has made and the current setting has been depreciated. billy..
  3. Ed & Cass, I have had a chance to have a look at the latest release of VegaICS, looks great and getting very stable. A couple of things to look at: When trying to use Skype everyone’s voice drops an octave or two, which is funny at first but not usable. Seems like it may be related to the HDMI audio problems from earlier were the sample rate was changed to 48k. (See log below). There is reference to the audio_hw.c function “adev_get_input_buffer_size”, never seen that before after using many other apps. When plugging in USB drives they do not appear as USB Drive as in the init.*.rc files but as mnt/usb1 etc as did in VegaComb which is fine. I have had keyboard, mouse and USB drive all plugged and working so all seems well there. May want to remove the USB Drive mount reference. It’s getting to the point where you should be thinking about a Beta release, IMHO. Billy.. PS Switched to 120 dpi, wow. Loving it best ROM to date Billy.. PS Switched to 120 dpi, wow. Loving it best ROM to date V/com.skype.qz( 1016): V/com.skype.qz( 1016): android signature: V/com.skype.qz( 1016): system os_version:15-REL package_code_path:/data/app/com.skype.raider-1.apk package_name:com.skype.raider lib_dir:/data/data/com.skype.raider/lib resource_dir:/data/app/com.skype.raider-1.apk files_dir:/data/data/com.skype.raider/files tmp_dir:/data/data/com.skype.raider/cache V/com.skype.qz( 1016): environment root_dir:/system data_dir:/data download_dir:/cache external_storage:/mnt/sdcard V/com.skype.qz( 1016): cpu cpu_abi:armeabi-v7a processors:2 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): hardware V/com.skype.qz( 1016): board:ventana V/com.skype.qz( 1016): brand:Advent V/com.skype.qz( 1016): product:VegaICS V/com.skype.qz( 1016): model:Vega V/com.skype.qz( 1016): manufacturer:NVIDIA V/com.skype.qz( 1016): device:ventana V/com.skype.qz( 1016): display:ventana-userdebug 4.0.3 IML74K eng.root.20120118.180722 test-keys V/com.skype.qz( 1016): fingerprint:generic/ventana/ventana:4.0.3/IML74K/eng.root.20120118.180722:userdebug/test-keys host:TP user:Cass tags:test-keys type:userdebug V/com.skype.qz( 1016): V/com.skype.qz( 1016): $cat /proc/cpuinfo V/com.skype.qz( 1016): Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l) V/com.skype.qz( 1016): processor : 0 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): BogoMIPS : 1987.37 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): V/com.skype.qz( 1016): processor : 1 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): BogoMIPS : 1987.37 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): V/com.skype.qz( 1016): Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee vfpv3 vfpv3d16 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): CPU implementer : 0x41 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): CPU architecture: 7 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): CPU variant : 0x1 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): CPU part : 0xc09 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): CPU revision : 0 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): V/com.skype.qz( 1016): Hardware : harmony V/com.skype.qz( 1016): Revision : 0000 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): Serial : 0000000000000000 V/com.skype.qz( 1016): V/com.skype.qz( 1016): D/dalvikvm( 1016): GC_CONCURRENT freed 291K, 7% free 6891K/7367K, paused 3ms+3ms W/com.skype.be( 1016): Creating new bundle since view is null! E/com.skype.ui.widget.ViewAnimator( 1016): done handling the 'nothing showing' situation:android.widget.RelativeLayout D/dalvikvm( 1016): Trying to load lib /data/data/com.skype.raider/lib/libpcmhost_skype.so 0x41009310 D/dalvikvm( 1016): Added shared lib /data/data/com.skype.raider/lib/libpcmhost_skype.so 0x41009310 V/SID ( 1016): Connect: /tmp/pcm_from_skypekit_key, server: 1, timeout: -1 V/SID ( 1016): ServerConnect: listen V/SID ( 1016): ServerConnect: Poll D/audio_hw_primary( 95): adev_get_input_buffer_size: sample_rate: 48000, format: 1, channel_count:1 D/audio_hw_primary( 95): check_input_parameters: rate:48000, format:1, count:1 D/audio_hw_primary( 95): get_input_buffer_size: rate:48000, format:1, count:1 D/audio_hw_primary( 95): check_input_parameters: rate:48000, format:1, count:1
  4. Its not a biggy just in the last couple of hours I've been enjoying the ics build but I'm picking out a few typos that could be easily corrected. In the in it.rc: on early-init # Set init and its forked children's oom_adj. write /proc/1/oom_adj -16 Should change to oom_score_adj Like I said just little things. Billy..
  5. Cass, Is there any chance that you will back out the squashFS as this may be causing a number of problems. If the are write errors due to the RO nature of the FS. And frustrating as ever for poeople like me who can't mess about easily. Billy..
  6. Cass not sure if it helps but there is a typo in the init.harmony.rc on device-removed-/sys/block/sda umount /mnt/usbdrive It should be unmount it may have nothing to do with the problem but I can't correct it right now. Billy.. PS crashing all the time now lasts only 5-10 minutes
  7. Hi Cass & Ed, Just had a quick look at the logs and there seems to be some reference to kmalloc which could be a causing a himem type of issue. Should we not be using vmalloc instead to avoid any restrictions? I could be way off track but just a thought. Billy..
  8. Hi Ed, You should be able set the partitions by number in the vold just need to look at not using auto but assign the value expected. I think the stock roms will follow a standard. Billy..
  9. I still think that Vegacomb works best for me, maybe cos I was lucky enough to be involved. Its not perfect but it works. Honeycomb was never intended to work on that spec of tablet so some sacrifices had to be made. you should keep an eye on the work Cass and Ed are doing with a kernel for ICS. There is an Alpha out at the moment which is great fun. Paul, remember we all at one point knew nothing but there are many helpful people in these communities. The only silly questions are the ones you don't ask. enjoy your POV, join in where you can and try to learn something in the process. Billy..
  10. Hi Artem, I find that the Alpha version when not connected to the PC via USB will too freeze from time to time, but as it is not connected to the computer I have no logs. I see if left over night if I get a lock up when attached to the PC and maybe a log file. Billy..
  11. Yeah Cass, Ed, etc... I expect that you have sen that there is a beta version of the ICS update for the Xoom. The guys over at XDA have a copy that you can grab. It may helping your quest to get the Vega version running as the libraries shouldn't be to far away from full release versions. Billy..
  12. I know just brought back some memories. I tried running the Vega for a couple of days with your ICS build (well gave it to the kids) and it does lock up every once and a while if not connected to the USB. The screen stays on but is totally unresponcive. I turned on the Dev tools included with ICS to get what little info I could but apart from the odd message telling the app is not reponding to you wish to close or wait. Nothing useful. Billy.. If there is anything you would like me to test feel free to ask. Be aware very limited time at present.
  13. Eduardo, The suspend problem does seem familiar; maybe this may help as a reminder. Billy.. Not suggesting this is the answer, just you have been here before. Posted 24 July 2011 - 12:11 PM Hi Eduardo , great work. 1. wlan under android solved 2. pwm issue solved. 3. battery status works under android When CONFIG_CONSOLE_EARLYSUSPEND is set, pwm backlight control doesn´t work Set instead CONFIG_FB_EARLYSUSPEND , then pwm control works as expected The git repo is up to date. This post has been edited by rebel1: 24 July 2011 - 04:40 PM
  14. No problem if you are still having problems send me a PM. Billy..
  15. Probably the easy is to go to Paul’s original ROM V8 thread and download the USB driver form therefore then you will know exactly where it is … Billy.. PS My excuse is I’m knee deep in broken tiles as I’m in the process of ripping out our bathroom, joy.
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