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  1. Sorry for the HUGE delay, been very very busy....anyway followed your steps and I have got Clockwork Recovery Installed......woot just about to flash now so fingers crossed. At least now I can see the CWM screen!!!! many thanks will keep this post updated with the flash....
  2. I bought mine from ebuyer on Thursday it was a shop spoiled one 10 quid less so I got it for 140! and its MINT - no marks or scuffs. Installed CWM and Cyanogen 7...great I now have a Tablet I can use. the Hannspree Version of android is SHITE...to say the least. But now I can access my google aaccount and have normal Android market with all the Cyanogen trimmings....yum yum :P
  3. Hi I got a 1654 model whats the difference between the 53 and 54?
  4. I will give this a bash today, thanks for the help....
  5. Ok, Uninstalled Rom Manager via Titanium backup. I then rebooted the phone loaded up terminal Typed "su" typed "flash _image recovery /sdcard/cwm.img" - i renamed the img file to cwm.img then it said flashing recovery from /sdcard/recovery.img I then closed terminal after the flash Rebooted phone pressed vol down on reboot and just get a black screen with nothing else. Cheers
  6. Hi There is no option to uninstall rom manager in the manage applications
  7. Ok Copied the file to SD Card, loaded up Rom Manager and under the recovery section there is "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" and Reboot Into Recovery I am confused as to where to find "recovery/recovery-clockwork-"
  8. I tried to update again via the rom manager but no luck either
  9. Yes, that was the start of my problem it said I could update CW so I did and ever since then I cant get into its menu
  10. I have also tried the CW image too and I just get a blank screen, but again if I leave it the phone will boot up into android
  11. Hi I have downloaded and installed the file you gave me and typed what you have said. As far as I can see the file installs ok after typing the commands. I still cant get to the menu upon boot (Pressing vol down) I just get a load of stripy coloured pixels across my screen and the phone reboots, I can still boot into android but I cant access the menu at powerup (hope this makes sense)
  12. I was running [Android 2.3.4] Mooncake v1.113 but decided to change my rom due to lack of updates. I installed another rom 4pda 2.3.5 cm7 Nightlies. All seemed to work but I noticed that after the install I didnt reset the cache, so I rebooted the phone and pressed vol down to go to the menu. I hhave recovery-RA-mooncake-gen1-v2.3-CM-update_signed.zip but when the phone went to the menu everything was blank. I then rebooted back into the OS and loaded up boot manager and re-installed the CWM boot mgr again once I re-booted the phone into the CWM menu all I could see were a few jaggied words (looked like streched letters). Can some one tell me how I can restore my phone as I am a bit stuck, Cheers
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