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  1. Does this ROM include the option to use stock android keypad, keyboard, and lockscreen (ie. non-acer)?
  2. Anyway to get some of the stock screens back, ie. the acerless stock 2.3 dialer and keyboard? I find the acer ones pretty horrible. Or would this need to be another ROM?
  3. I FINALLY got it to work- by ACCIDENT- and not the way anyone described. Basically, after I pushed the buttons, I went and told it to reset all data in the menu.. it then automatically reset to recovery mode. So weird. I did it twice, same way. I just booted into the new ROM- so happy. Thanks again everyone!
  4. How long should the phone take to enter recovery? Yes, all the buttons work. I've tried it 10+ times so far.. weird. I'm sure Im pressing them all. Also, I tried rooting with superoneclick and z4.. but nothing worked.
  5. How long should the phone take to enter recovery? Yes, all the buttons work. I've tried it 15+ times so far.. weird. I'm sure Im pressing them all. Thanks again for your follow-up.
  6. I appreciate your reply. And yes, I've gone through that whole thread more than once. Button combo does not work. After 15 seconds, I get 3 quick vibrations and then nothing happens. I've held them down for more than 45 seconds. And yes, I'm pushing the camera only 1 click to focus, not all the way. The other ways described to boot into recovery (quickboot from market) need the device to be rooted. I've ran the recovery installer several times, and it tells me its successful and reboots.
  7. I searched dozens of threads, but each has a different method and doesnt provide enough detail. All I need to know is how to boot into recovery, I dont see why someone cant give a quick answer. The physical button combo doesnt work. I did all the other steps. I also asked if I needed to be rooted to flash this rom, and noone answered.
  8. I like how absolutely everyone is ignoring my question. Thanks guys. After installig recovery, clicking on adb or fastboot does absolutely nothing.
  9. Vache, can you tell me step by step how to flash after the recovery is successfully installed? It says sending and writing recovery OK.. then what?
  10. After I install the recovery, do I use the caer tool to flash Gingerounay???
  11. I did all this. At the end it says press enter to reset the phone.. it resets, back to normal.. and then what? How do I flash the ROM? At what point can I access the recovery menu? I already copied it as a zip to the SD.
  12. Can someone PLEASE explain to me in detail step 2. I've spent 2 hrs looking around and am more confused. Does my phone have to be rooted to flash this ROM? Can someone give me clear instructions on how to root? Nothing Ive tried has worked. Recovery MT works, and just resets the phone.
  13. Can anyone provide simple instructions for step 2? I'm already on the correct ROM (Gingerbread Final)
  14. Is it the same process as flashing the official ROM? Ok, another question. How to get rid of acer lockscreen widgets? ie. social jogger, agenda, etc. I couldn't figure out how. I hate them and dont want them.
  15. Yup, figured that out and did it, seemed to work fine. Some of the other 'lists' were intimidating me and I thought you needed to do all that crap before flashing. Anyway, back to my Q- is there ANY way to disable the acer theme modifications? I much prefer the stock UI, especially the lockscreen, etc, and am wondering how this can be reverted back. It was a menu option in 2.2.1.. but its gone now. Anyone?
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