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    acer liquid metal
  1. I noticed that boys in the acer site and appeared for the liquid metal rom 2.3 of gingerbread. But still not downloadable. it seems that its release is imminent :):):)
  2. You can post only apk AOSP and MMS to flesh .. because I have already installed your rom previous :(
  3. I solved thanks:)the rom is wondeful you are fantastic ;)
  4. hello please upload the gscript..i dont have the acer ui and android ui in my phone with this rom please thankyou
  5. thanks a lot I've been waiting hahahaha: Dbut I have to flash only this file? or before the earlier version
  6. reload the download link. because this does not work. Thank you:(
  7. Hello . in the next gingerounay. you can add the colors of the setting of the rom ginger dmd? thanks
  8. Hello vache. in this gingerounay. you can add the colors in the setting of the rom ginger dmd? thanks
  9. conpatible with recovery amonra 2.2?
  10. There will be overclocking for this rom?
  11. There will be overclocking for this rom?:)
  12. gosh :) it's true:) you're great thank you so much:) ;)
  13. everything is ok great vache:):):) size back up 310 mb :rolleyes: great :rolleyes: the problem of camera white screen is caused by the Rom? will solve it?
  14. sorry. the problems of camera shake and nandroid backup, caused by Rom or by recovery 2.0? if so, should go out an 'other Rom or' other recovery to solve the problem?:rolleyes::(:rolleyes: someone who understands please answer me:(;) sorry for my english but i m italian and i traslate by google :)
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