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    Zte Blade/V880 + ipod touch 4g
  1. Guilherme Haschel

    Chinese blade Freezing 30+ times a day.

    Tried flashing wbaw's kernel, and the phone just wont boot. Really weird. Made a backup right before.
  2. Guilherme Haschel

    Chinese blade Freezing 30+ times a day.

    It Stoped freezing with Swedish Snow, min 122mhz, max 595mhz. No custom keyboard. Maybe it is something with the kernel?
  3. Downloading this CM-10. Last time i flashed a cm10, it didn't go on my 128mb ram blade. But the AOKP Burst was amazing.
  4. I have a chinese stock gen2 blade running Swedish Snow RLS7 clocked at 480mhz, (trying 595mhz ATM). When i clock it to 710, it runs smootly, but it freezes randomly in any app (most of the times in Messages.apk) sometimes, when i start to type faster, it freezes, and i'm forced to remove the battery (sometimes, it freezes right after reboot). When i use another keyboard, instead of the original (Touchpal, SwiftKey) it freezes A LOT. Using any launcher instead of LauncherPRO or the stock one would make it randomly freeze. Chinese Blade (2 month old) CPU Clock: 480/595/710 Governor: Smartass V2 I/O Scheduler: bfq Mostly, i have 39mb RAM free, and 128mb avaiable for swap on sd-ext (class 6 - i already have ordered a toshiba class 10 UHS-I). I've been flashing lots of roms, and every one freezes. The ones that froze less was MokeeOS, LezoOS (it started to freeze more since the last OTA Update, so i flashed Swedish Snow.), and the CM10 KonstaT's Jelly Bean 4.1.1(Not a single freeze!) Since I clocked my blade to 480mhz, and removed SwiftKey 3, i had no more freezes. Not sure if helps, but i'm using ClockWork Recovery Touch Can somebody help me? I would like to keep it overclocked, and i don't think i have damaged my CPU or something, because i don't play games / deal with heavy stuff on this phone.
  5. No delay between menus here on Brazilian Gen2. Thanks Snap.IT!
  6. This was the best rom i ever used till now. The only problem is the Mic issue. Anyone have a flashable Play store (only, without voice search and stuff) to JB? Thanks
  7. Guilherme Haschel

    Any ics roms supporting zte avail?

    You should use Aks Mr Pigfish (avaiable in the play store) to make sure of what Gen you have :)
  8. The ROM from the post #212 is awesome, but battery is running out very quickly =/, and received messages are showing 3 hours after (tried every time based config in message and in settings apk to solve this) Calibrated battery, and flashed a kernel that was posted here too helped to improve a little the battery. not too much. Still running out very fast
  9. Guilherme Haschel

    [Android 2.3.4] Mooncake v1.113

    I'm having trouble with the Wifi tethering. I switch to tether, it works. But when i lock the screen, in a few minutes, the hotspot is disabled... I can tether with no worries just if i set screen light time to 30 minutes, turn the lockscreen off and don't lock the screen, but it makes the screen stay on, and it stay clicking on everything, and wasting my battery... If it's connected to the pc / wall charger, there's no problem, it works perfectly, even when i lock the screen... Another Thing: when it's connected to the energy suply, the "red" button can wake up the phone. When is not connected, the button can just wake the phone if iits pressed right after have locked the screen, otherwise it just don't do anything... i hope you can fixk this in another update... thanks for this update :D pm me or email me if you need...

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