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  1. Great aproach Trip! Like it very much. One single thing I recognised which does not behave as it should (I think ;)). Like in 103 some menues have black text on dark grey background which makes it very hard to read. I.e. on the homescreen I push menu button -> add(+). The following list is black on dark only.B)
  2. Bug report: In a phone call with speaker on I choose Additional->Options, which gives FC. It was interresting that the phone call was not interrupted because of that. Only after selecting CLOSE (the other possibility is REPORT) the call ended. The symbol in the notification bar for call with speaker reamained on. Only after the next call with speaker on and normal termination it disapeared. No other complaint (until now) ;)
  3. APP2SD works here! :D Did you delete the folder "Android/data" on your SD before moving apps to SD? Else you receive an error message because there are already data of the app on the SD. Ignore it and try to move again. The second time it will work without error message. Edit: Sorry. It's the folder .android_secure where the apps2sd are stored B)
  4. To clarify: I don't use the MIUI Launcher because I'm struggling too much with it's configuration. Since ever (MIUI Froyo) I use GO launcher on Trip's ROM. The problem now is, that the font of all the menues of the GO Launcher is black. It is hardly possible to read the text on the dark grey buttons. Is this the responsability of GO Launcher or of TripNraver? Is there a nice,short and working solution? Up to now everything else I checked on 103 works great. Thanks Trip
  5. This is perfect understatement!!!!!!:lol: Stock ROM was not usable. Solid but tooo laggy. Trip's ROM flyes. Everything I checked in this short time is without any issue. Thanks a lot.
  6. Weak slider In my Gauge Battery Widget I would like to set the background opacity near to 0, but the slider doesn't react correctly. I know how to use these sliders since also in system settings many sliders are available for setup i.e volume or brightness. The other sliders are quite laggy IMO but the one in Gauge Battery Widget does only react against the right side but very very weak. What might be the solution? Any idea? Re-installing the app directly from the market doesn't help. Btw I use GO Launcher Thanks Trip for your efforts.
  7. To be honest, I'm now on WB's GB ROM and waiting for IRIS GB to get the perfect shape of 1.8.3. Don't want to leave GB anymore. Anyway, the last months with your MIUI Froyo ROM was very interesting and it made my X10 a real smart phone. Beer4Trip!
  8. Thanks Aj! Right at this moment I flashed the kernel mod363-miui22 and recognised that it is very laggy and the benchmarks are more than bad. Now I'm going to try the one, mentioned in your link (mod363-miui228), which should fit to "Iris" 1.8. Will report later. Report: Great! Everything that worked without the kernel, also works with it, just faster and more responsive. Linpack: 37+, Quadrant: 1400+, OC 1152, UC 128
  9. caus i'm too lazy to hit the back button while reboot :lol: And besides, the back button becomes not overused. ;)
  10. Thanks alot :) Will try it again without any data restored. But the APK's I still can use from the backup, isn't it? Doesn't need to download again from market? Does the "Xperia Reboot Options"-App has something special whitch also does not work with this ROM? I read that Data2SD is not suported.
  11. I'M GOING CRAZY!!!! :wacko: I never had problems with updating this genious ROM until 1.8. As usual I made a factory reset and wiped caches in xRec. After this, flashed zip and rebooted the X10. Everything was normal. After reinstalling some apps through MyBackup root and restarting the phone manually, android system did not react anymore and a corresponding message appeared. I had to restore 1.7.3 from xRec. To make it shorter, it still happend right before after starting over with a completely empty SD and from stock ROM. It happened right after rebooting phone into xRec from the app "Xperia Reboot Options" and after making a xRec backup. Might this app be the problem? I'm on bb67 with bb65 kernel. HELP!!!
  12. I tried. 15072011 but sometimes apps closed themself without any warning. 22062011 was ok. So I'm back on 3.60.
  13. Installed! Great! Thank you for the tip. The only thing in your guide that you did not mention is that the new-market-apk is not called vending.apk anymore. (Got it from http://www.droid-lif...-version-3-0-26). So I renamed it to vending.apk before installing it. But be aware! There is much more data trafic. Depending on your data plan, it might be not advisible to update.
  14. 4 me it works -> Iris - 1.7, BB67, zKernel_22062011 modded for MIUI Froyo, Vignette Version 2011.01.17 When you start focusing, the LED turns on until the pic is taken, then it goes off, all automatically
  15. What confirmation do you need? It makes my x10 even better than it was already with Iris-1.7 on stock ROM. At the beginning I was a little disappointed about its quadrant score but after some reboots (manual) it became realy responsive. I'm using the "Overclock widget" from market with profiles. Belive me, it's worth to try. And in case ... go back to your xRec backup :)

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