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  1. is unlock fusion legit?? says 12-24 hrs. 36 hours and no code so far. :(
  2. on sale in selected orange stores today £149 plus Tenner top up
  3. thanks great rom. could I have a standard battery indicator please? I'm not technically minded for uot kitchen lol
  4. I would wait til Xmas b4 consideration. price reviews etc
  5. www.superetrader.co.uk/zte/zte-skate-sim-free.html?gad=CMDIu8kDEgg-s_Nh2Zr1URiY3OT-AyCY9p4zPHPSESSID=a9f60e5cb70de4f8ad14e892ae520a0a
  6. haven't got a clue what to do on that kitchen site
  7. how do you get market to work,it says its not installed.
  8. how do u delete Google maps? it wont accept latest update
  9. Could someone do the android logo battery mod please
  10. Great rom. Is there a way to change 3g indicator to a h like I got on cm7
  11. Looking good so far :) any chance of a hsdpa indicater like 1 on cm7
  12. thats a bit dodgy. I prefer go ex honeycomb launcher
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