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  1. :) :) :) :) :)...thanx guys 4 the info!!... :) :) :) :) :)
  2. enabling bandwidth saving mode brings nothing but showing a different language as the one shown in screenshot frm equiliym(miren browser)...
  3. Is there any problem booting this rom using vamshi's kernel ?it has a better touch response..
  4. @equilym....mate ...gr8 rom..a lot of settings...themes r also great....problem is that its quite laggy 4 me...huge ram consumption also ....
  5. lol..:lol: ...equilym ,...is that kernel pinpong useful 4 racer???...cm9 kernel....if so ..then it might be useful 4 ICS... itz been listed under zte racer..bt Thoravukk Kernel 2.17r2??? Also...whts that RacerFlyMod ROMS...??is that same ones posted in modaco...??
  6. http://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager/developers/mooncake?name=ZTE%20Racer sorry if u already knew it... :D
  7. u can uninstall a system app usin titanium backup (be sure to make a backup first).....
  8. the game runs smooth 4 me...im using 2.3.7 roms...only problem....initial loading time...its game's fault ....most of monster mobiles are also facing it as said in reviews..
  9. lol ..buddy, plegdroid jus wanna make u search 4 'go search widget' itz an app in market....
  10. itz supposed to work nicely ....in 224 v2 by racerboy, no need to install a kernel..by default it has the required kernel :)
  11. cheers...plegdroid ...man u saved the day..huge thnx to u...
  12. @Racerboy...m8 ,things happened to u shocked us all.. :( ..u did this all 4 us ..it was awesome experience testing & feeling ur Rom,improvements to racer..ur sharpness made urself Razorboy.. :) ..I'm aware that the forum is dying..we don't wanna miss u...buddy plz do check the forum and provide ur valuable suggestions .hope u do so...wish u all the best for galaxy .. :)
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