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  1. Read the thread, a post on how to do this has been posted already
  2. Vodafone are a bunch of *****. My Mrs had the screen becoming delaminated issue which made the left of the screen unresponsive and the back button having phantom presses. Despite Vodafone website stating that all phones apart from iPhone have a 24 mth warranty they didn't want to know in store (online help did and confirmed) Buy luckily I remembered that she had an issue with he order with Vodafone and ended up getting phone from Amazon... And Amazon as always has great customer service and gave a immediate refund on return of phone. Had 1 day left on a year from date of purchase lol £135 refund Inc p&p and this is going towards 2 x new oneplus 3's Good phone for the price, especially for £99 but looking forward to better built phone.
  3. And yet u still brought the phone knowing it has a locked bootloader, is a bitch to root if u got one with a secure partition and won't really have many options with ROMs [emoji1] [emoji1]
  4. Nope, got a worse chip as well hasn't it? the ultra 7 pro is nice but not worth the cost in my opinion. Still for the price this is a boss phone despite its weird issues and strange quirks (strange storage issues/options) Considering the zte axon 7 for my next phone or maybe the oneplus 3 Not sure what else u can do 2bh, maybe a phone upgrade?
  5. Guess u might of as tried different ROMs but worth a try. This phone deffo has some strange things to it. We got a smart security alarm and this phone will not pay ball with the app at all. Every other phone borrowed and tryed worked fine but not this. I wouldn't hold ur breath on Vodaphone patching it. We had our one patch and that is our lot. I doubt this phone will see any other updates.
  6. Try getting rid of exposed. I know that causes lag issues with the phone so may effect that too. Worth a try at least.
  7. Silly question - You definitely got permanent root? I know u have to do something with temp root to make it permanent - can't remember what though lol Only other suggestion is try a different version of twrp
  8. I've got a protected system phone and have no issues installing/swapping ROMs. I would think u got a bad download?
  9. Non issues with GPS on mokkee. I use it all the time and very similar to this rom.
  10. Rwalton159 quoted your post that's how. 2bh though since u got rid/replaced ur su6 ur posts have mostly been nothing but unnecessary imo
  11. Cheers mate. Flashed, checked and all ok I'll let u know in a week or so how's things are with the battery life and any performance reduction Much appreciated [emoji41]
  12. Yer that's what I done mate, needs changing in twrp. These system protected phones are stupid.... Edit Well cm file manager with root access but same thing [emoji1]
  13. Changed and saved ok. Reboot it reverts back though. Need to work out how to amend prop.build file in twrp..
  14. I've got a protected system so only change stuff through twrp as I understand it.. that's all about above my knowledge level 2bh I'll have a go and see what happens through file exploe
  15. But isn't rc2 including the core fix? Change log says NFC & CPU bug fixes
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