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  1. Solution: Get back to German stock Rom and have Root again :)
  2. I will install the update and try the root now and i´ll post some feedback when i finish. Did and no Root acess. :angry2:
  3. Yes, that´s the way i did it when i couldn´t install it with the Medion rom but i don´t have the latest TMN update to test if its the same. :D :D But it should work anyway.
  4. Well... i tried the Slovak one with and without partitions like papars said and no wifi for me, not even at 50% like thmnss . After testing the Slovak rom i change my preference from the German one to this one because i notice an increase in wifi signal between this 2 rom. I´m stuck at stock rom but a good working one. PS- I´m obliged to LOVE ICS till this phone died :P
  5. The Medion rom from Germany. I will try with the Slovak rom next.
  6. Thanks man, i got cwm again by your method :D
  7. Wich rom you had before doing all? The Portuguese one or you try de German or Slovak? I´ve done everything as said above, i allready have cwm working but no wifi with CM10 and German official partitions.
  8. papars, you where one of the "non working wifi" with ZTE Acqua. Now you have a working wifi with CM10. Can you explain how to make it work step by step because i´m not understanding about the flashing partitions you have posted above please? I´m gonna install CWM today, no matter what... and want to try your steps because at least thats a working guarantee :D
  9. Same thing, right to stock recovery. After a while i typed adb boot recovery-cwm6027-atlas40.img and went right to cwm. Iwas able to install CM10 but when i rebooted to recovery, the stock one appear again. I try the wifi and still dead. :angry2: I think i´m gonna make a paper weight with the phone :P
  10. That´s what i did, like the other few times i made this process. It´s the first time that doesn´t work and i don´t know why :blink: adb reboot bootloader fastboot flash reovery recovery-cwm6027-atlas40.img fastboot reboot
  11. Now, i get back to stock German to try everything all over again... can´t have CWM working. I make everything like in the other 5 or 6 times, the process is complete and says it´s OK but when i try to go to CWM it appears the stock one. I´m still stuck in Stock German Rom but now whitout CWM.
  12. That was me. I have a German official Rom but i have a Portuguese Acqua. I did exactly what you did and wifi is still dead... German official Recovery German stock Rom CWM CM10 I´m not gonna see a working JB on mine for sure :blush:
  13. I have the same baseband as you but i have an official German Rom. It´s not because of that i suppose.
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