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  1. That firmware is later than the one's I have checked so may be OK.
  2. Yes it simple but finding a windows machine with a sim socket is a pain. Without the sim socket the modem wont power on at boot so is not detected by window's, A lot of small laptops have sim sockets and a spare pcie socket for 3g cards, that's what you need if you are going to do it. I had to buy an old broken dell D430 laptop to try this, I will sell it on (at a small profit) now I have repaired it and used it for this. What firmware do you have? is it earlier than the one's I have?
  3. Not that I can see, updates are for windows and mac only :(
  4. Hi all, I finally have finally got laptop with a simcard socket so I can manually update the firmware on an factory EM770w and check that voice is enabled. The firmware on the modem was, DC unlocker reports it as voice disabled but when using a voice enabled version of huawei mobile partner voice works. :) The next one I checked reports the same firmware and voice enabled. Searching dc-unlockers forum confirms that voice is sometimes reported incorrectly by dc-unlocker. So I can confirm that firmware is voice enabled and factory modems (shuttle) should be voice enabled. I will check a couple more that I have to confirm that they are on the same or later firmware and voice works on the laptop but we look good. I cant find a download link for any later firmware, DC-unlocker want 4 euros for the firmware <_< I was tempted to try it for a punt but as voice works on there's no point.
  5. Hi mate, relevant all of them, when you try to put them in NVflash mode is your PC pinging to say its detecting the tablet? what is windows calling the device? Have you tried connecting a HDMI and a TV to them to see if the LCD's are the problem. Are you sure the button boards are working properly, Try swapping one that you know is working 100% from another tablet. Try the back button thing at different speeds, I am sure that you have noticed that different roms/tablet react differently to the button presses. regarding the third one, You could try swapping the HDMI board or the LCD cable. If the motherboard is knackered at least the LCD will be OK. Regarding the forth, A bad flash wont damage the bootloader or NVflash mode as we don't do anything to the bootloader when we flash roms. That is why the Vega is considered UN-brickable. However if the bootloader get corrupted or another part goes faulty (i.e the USB port, a random IC or the NVEC) the tablet is effectively bricked. If it is saying waiting for bootloader to initialize then I don't think it's in NVflash mode or if it is then the usb driver on the pc is maybe wrong. What is device manger in windows calling the device (start, control panel, device manager, USB controllers). It should say "Nvidia USB boot recovery driver for mobile devices". If it is all correct and still hangs on "waiting for bootloader" then it's faulty, sorry Good Luck
  6. 99% sure it will be a dead charger. The cable is probably broke. Check the cable near the plug, there will be damage where it gets bent when you use it plugged in. If you can solder a new plug is £2.50 from Maplins.
  7. Its not like you to be behind the game. http://www.tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/4843-%5Brom%5D-vegacream-advent-vega-pov-mobii-tegra-270.html#post67761 Its just a first look beta but it looks great and is stable too. Have fun.
  8. Hi scanno, bruce, eduauro can I make a request while you are talking about compression and partition layouts? Would it be too much trouble to make a second "fat version" of any future rom with slightly bigger system and boot partitions to accommodated tablets with bad nand? I think we had this in the past with honeyice. I ask because for me RC2 is great and perfectly stable until I install too many app's. If I keep the tablet lean and only install essential apps then I have no problems. No bad nand are detected with "grep bad" from terminal. As I add more apps in small batches grep bad starts to show bad blocks. I have at least 14 bad blocks, in 2 clusters. Everything seem to seems to work fine after installing and I have still have about 80mb free on system partition. I reboot and them nothing, Black screen not boot logo's. adb tells me "- exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -" I am assuming the squashed system partition is being moved around on the nand at some point during installing apps and is corrupted because it is written somewhere that has previously undiscovered bad blocks. I am just guessing though. edit. scanno, please dont read this as a criticism. I have installed RC2 on 2 other tablet belonging to my sisters and I they are both really pleased and have not had so much as a reboot or any problems connecting to wifi. They have a dodgy router that required rebooting (the router) every time with a lot of roms including beta 2, RC2 reconnects without missing a beat. A donation on its was now on behalf of my sisters.
  9. The easist thing to do is use a PC to flash another rom or re-flash corvus 5. You could also try rebooting to recovery from ADB on a PC and doing a factory reset from there. You may get the wifi back this way but reflashing would be simpler. Corvus5 can be funny with mice and will have difficulty playing HD video (2.2 limitation) if I recall correctly so you may want to try another rom.
  10. Hi scanno, Nice work mate :) No random reboots yet. Only problem so far is 3g is taking about 30 seconds to load each page. from logcat it looks like Gtalkservice is doing something when I request a page, I/GTalkService/c( 382): [[email protected]] connect: acct=1000000, sta te=CONNECTING I/GTalkService/c( 382): [[email protected]] connect: acct=1, state=CON NECTING it waits for about 30 seconds then logcat says E/GTalkService( 382): connectionClosed: no XMPPConnection - That's strange! E/GTalkService( 382): connectionClosed: no XMPPConnection - That's strange! I then get my page. Here's the full log. logcat.txt
  11. Hi reddragon, about the fw and extentions, I honestly dont know. It dosent appear to make any difference. I gathered the firmware from various sources at different times so it is likely that there are dupicate versions of the same file. I just posted everything I have. Maybe the config file is the only part that is changing in some of the files. There is no way to tell your touchscreen version without taking the back off (but this can be done without leaving any evidence of opening as there is no security seal). There is little point though as with the tools and firmware you can just keep trying until you get the correct one.
  12. I realize this and I don't use NVflash with vegacream normally as my current motherboard behaves like it has bad nand but grep bad never finds anything. Even after running a stable rom for several days. Before the above flash and subsequent problem I flashed moddedstock with NVflash, boot to recovery, wipe everything twice for luck, install vegacream zip and ran for about 6 hours. It was only after restoring all my apps and rebooting that the tablet/rom falls down. I should also say that I have seen similar effects (except the touchscreen failure) on other roms where I have restored lots of apps (90+). I suspect I do have bad nand blocks but the are towards the end of the partition so the are not causing a problem until I start to fill it up.
  13. Hi scanno, Ed, bruce, et al. I am reporting this here because I'm sure it is related to the new kernel or touchscreen driver. I have been testing RC1 and it was working OK, random reboots ect. I restored all my apps last night and used it for a few hours. The battery was at 2-3% when I finished with it and I left it charging on the dock. Today, when I tried to boot I just get the android logo. After flashing another rom (moddedstock) the touchscreen was dead (99 firmware) and required re flashing using the second factory test rom and valid firmware files. I have attached the logcat of the stale boot. Does this appear to be bad file system error/nand? The motherboard shows no bad blocks when I use "dmseg (my pc keyboard has no pipe) grep bad" command, is this reliable or is there a better way to scan the memory for bad blocks? I will reflash RC1 now and run for a few hours without restoring any apps to see if it happens again. logcat.txt
  14. It could be the DPI that's causing the incompatibility problem. It is made for phones remember. Here's the APK http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28707109#post28707109 It works but looks a bit wrong on a big screen, its a bit better in portrait. There only seems to be one video on there to test and echhh! terrible blocky, low def. picture, even on my HTC sensation, I just tested it on an iphone and the video quality is mush better. Flash sucks.
  15. Is there a better way to detect bad blocks like chkdsk in windows or is "dmesg | grep bad" reliable. One of my motherboards behaves like it has bad nand blocks but if I use the grep bad command it dosent report any. On the subject of P10AN01 variations in hardware I have found this. I would estimate that I have seen about 20 P10AN01 motherboards (vega's, POV's and 10s's) and I have never noticed any difference. I have 2 vega's here and one broken motherboard (also out of a vega) so I thought I would take a closer look. My new motherboard is also troublesome (no bad blocks showing but has trouble flashing some roms), the old one was rock solid (before I blew it up, don't ask) so I thought they may be different. So first I compared my current motherboard too my old faulty one. They are identical, the ram seems to match and there is no physical difference. I then opened another vega that I have and at first glance it looked identical. I then removed the board from the tablet, as soon as I unplugged the touchscreen I noticed "P10AN01 ver1.0" on the motherboard under the touchscreen ribbon. I have never noticed this before, all the others I have noticed are "P10AN01 ver1.1" The 2 versions of the boards look identical apart from these markings. Version 1.0 also has Hanstar printed on the bottom (under the insulation, next to CN15). All the IC's look the same, nothing seems missing. So there are at least the 2 versions of the P10AN01 motherboard. P10AN01 Ver 1.0 Top Bottom P10AN01 Ver 1.1 Top Bottom Edit. One thing I have noticed about the ram chips (hmmm chips) is both of these boards have 2 chips marked with a extra "C" on one side and 2 chips without the "C" on the other. The board that is misbehaving has "C" marked on all four chips (its version 1.1). All 3 boards have matched numbers on top and a different pair of matching numbers on the bottom. This may mean nothing, but maybe someone else can comment on this or find any info on the Hynix HY5PSIG831C nand chips.
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