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  1. [How to] Change SKU. Switch from WWE to CHT, TW, etc... and vice versa.
  2. I think it's worth mentioning that some SKUs contain 2GB Garmin partition and when changing to for example WWE, that partition is gone and 2GB of storage is reclaimed.
  3. Same here. 2 tiny scratches caused by aluminium part of dock. Barely visible only under certain angle. But I hate screen protectors and cases so I just am more careful. I would not be enjoying my phones if they were in cases with screen protectors.
  4. My fell out but I have it. It is flat square in size, color is clear transparent, so once you loose it - may be hard to find. I wasn't able to put it back. I can see there is a space for it inside, but just couldn't make it fit there.
  5. My Outlook 2003 SP2 never crashed because of any application, never closed by itself. Emoze works great for me until I keep the number of synced folders low. My Windows Mobile 6 has "Get HTML" option when viewing emails, but this option is always disabled and when I receive HTML messge in Outlook, Emoze transfers text message only to my device - I have no idea how to enable viewing HTML emails on my device using Emoze.
  6. There still is this audio bug, when you enable "Vibrate" mode, you still hear very short cracking sound when you open Start menu or do other things - so people around still hear you. Only workaround I found is to disable "Events" in "Sounds & Notification" menu.
  7. Yes, and it's a good one. The only thing missing is WPA2. I haven't noticed any issues. Made 2 phone calls today, spend over an hour watching DivX videoclips in CorePlayer and listening to MP3.
  8. Found info on CoreCodec forum in my CorePlayer Hermes issue topic, ROM is discussed on XDADEVS forum (as usual). I have upgraded myself, haven't had time to run all tests yet.
  9. Mine also fell out, how do I put it back?
  10. My 2GB is formatted FAT32, works in TyTN, in my Canon S3 IS Camera and is readable in my card Reader, so I'm happy :) Use Pocket Mechanic to see what's the cluster size and how much space is wasted.
  11. Pictures would be nice :) I'm interested in taking a look at the back of keypad to see if anything can be done to make "T" key work when pressed normally (it works only if I press its upper-right corner, like something was misalligned underneath) Also, my rubber grommet that holds the stylus fell out, I'd like to see where is it's place.
  12. Actually I as right-handed would prefer the scroll wheel on the right side, so I could hold it in right hand and operate with one hand. Device has unusual amount of OK buttons :) I think there are in total 3 of them. And one to open Start Menu. And the left OK also opens Start Menu wneh you are on Today screen - very clever. You can learn to use the buttons to operate it without stylus which is great! I can confirm that: - EDGE icon can not be enabled. You get either G or U. - Battery level does increment in 10% steps. - Battery lasts pretty long.
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