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  1. Poundland are selling a Capacitive stylus. It works well on my SGS not quite as well on my Vega because the screen is broken and you need to press on the stylus to get it to work properly which flexes the screen. If the screen was fine then I reckon it would be fine. For £1 its worth a go, there's 2 in the pack and it has quite a bulbous end sort of like a metallic finger.
  2. Hey there's a screen protector in the pound shop but it's for an IPAD not quite the right size but for a quid I bet I can make it work.
  3. Been on the phone to the insurance and coz the Vega is so cheap it would cost me more to claim than buying a new one :-( so I'll have to make do until I can save a few more pennies. I thought of putting a screen protector over the cracks so they don't get worse or cut my fingers and just live with it for the time being. Heath Robinson ftw lol.
  4. Richard, thanks for that I thought exactly the same but was hoping there was another way lol. Oh well off to the insurance for me.
  5. ....down the stairs :-( Everything works fine exceptthe darned Glass is smashed so typing this is like typing through a spiders web lol. I've read through the forums and cannot find any help apart from finding a done Vega and transferring the heart of mine into it. Has anyone got any suggestions or is that the only way. I'm disabled hence limited funds and probably why I dropped it in the first place lol. Regards, Adrian
  6. You are wrong Ian, an idiot would uninstall and installand then go to the forums for help like me without putting 2 and 2 together lol
  7. +1 from me too, Simonta is a real asset to us Vega owners, piss him off at your peril coz he comtributes 1 billion times more than he takes (ps I gotta stop over exaggering, but you get the drift lol)
  8. You are a genious, I would never have thought of that and yes it seems to be the same bug. Thank you very much.
  9. Hi folks got a lil problem using VC. Whenever I try to launch from within an app e.g. a text editor in Astro or the Kindle market within the Kindle app' the screen goes dull and nothing happens. The tab doesn't crash or hang, the back button brings you back to the original app, but no web browser of text editor etc launches. This seems to be part of a general downspiral of things or me on VC but nothing that hasn't got a workaround. I've wiped the cache, dalvik cache and fixed the permissions via recovery. I even reapplied update 3 to no avail. Has anyone got any suggestions? Cheers, Adrian
  10. Just reflashed, used AUDI and it all worked fine first time. Managed to find the original cable and I'm here using 9n happy days. All I've got to do now is install all my apps again. Forgot to back up :-(
  11. Yes did all that, just forgot I was on Modded stock V1, wasn't sure if that was the problem but what the heck off to Maplins we go in the morning. Thanks for replying.
  12. I just bricked my Vega whilst updating to VC 9n, no problem just reflash modded stock V2 and try again - 1 problem I can't find my USB cable. A few questions :- 1. Is there anything special about the cable with the VEGA or can I just get a new one from Maplin? 2. VC won't boot past the warning screen, is there anything I can do or is it reflash time? Just thinking about it I installed over modded stock V1 could that be the source of my problems? Many thanks Adrian
  13. According to my teeth, I'm pretty sure mine is glass, feels just like the gorilla glass on my SGS. But I could be wrong. Btw I bought it in July 2011.
  14. After upgrading to VC build 8.1 my Vega just purely rocks. The only probs I've got is with flash on one website, but it's intermittent so no biggie. For a £199 tablet I am speechless. Its the best value for money I've had for a long time. Thank you team NewCo :-)
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