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  1. Can anyone tell me where the location of the default wallpaper is stored
  2. Hi looks good do you save the zip file in /system/media or do you unzip it
  3. Yea you should be ok to install but you will have to do a full wipe no need to tpt again as i think wbaws has a 160mb partition which is plenty big enough
  4. Make one yourself in UOTKITCHEN it is easy to do all you need to do is unrar the rom and upload a couple of files that they mod then you download the mod and install via clockwork mod
  5. It won't be the 160mb partition i have the same ans swedish snow 4b runs ok
  6. 8 downloads Is there an issue with the battery circle mod if so i will delete it
  7. For rls 4b Green circle battery mod plus black notofication drop down instead of transparent and improved gps and bluetooth icons Download here Swedish-snow-rls4b-battery-btooth-gps-notif.zip
  8. Green circle battery mod for Rls4b Download here Swedish snow rls4b green battery circle mod.zip One report that this file causes the phone to hang on boot make a back up before installing just to be on the safe side
  9. Charged battery thurs evening and it is still at 90% 15.00 saturday so i doubt it is the rom i have not used it much but batteyr life is as good for me then on any rom i have used
  10. The dialler is correct the t9 had bugs when used in any rom except cyanogen
  11. +1 from me a great fast rom with good battery lifein my oinion Cyanogen is OK but all the needless extras eat battery life and spring has everything that is usefull included
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