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  1. elixir.amrit

    [ROM] Atomic ICS v4 (Update 20/09/2013)

    cannot connect hidden network in wifi !
  2. elixir.amrit

    [CM 7.2] CM7 Remix - V4c

    Although the rom is very smooth :) ..i am facing problems with battery ..i charged my mobile 100% from my laptop but it got discharged completely in 2 hours so is it a battery issue or battery drain issue because of rom ? :blink: :wacko:
  3. ugers, on 05 January 2013 - 11:57 PM, said: Cybercom684 - thank you started this thread but it's not a port. I'm compiled his from source paranoid I'm dev who has create this rom This is one reason why I didn't create this topic the second reason my liquid is die( drop in water) Cybercom684, on 06 January 2013 - 02:30 AM, said: Oh Sorry^^ My Acer Liquid E is Brocken :/ Now I have the HTC Desire... Rom is nice but needs some fixes..even i am interested in this rom!
  4. elixir.amrit

    best way to increase speed of any rom on liquid A1 ?

    I am using miui Final (youpi666) and it consumes a lot of ram.. can anybody help me with the config for speeding it up ? thank u!
  5. what is the best solution to keep more ram free on acer liquid A1 since it gets slower and laggy when installed with miui or other ?
  6. elixir.amrit

    [ALPHA 0.3] MIUI v4 2.8.10 - by Master_T (updated 12/09)

    its is smoother and a bit fast than cm9 !.. needs small fixes like camera and ram
  7. sometimes doesn't boot..a bit laggy and battery drain is heavy!
  8. on my A1 its so laggy and sometimes touch doesn't work...
  9. elixir.amrit

    Cu all guys

    Thank You ! ThePasto for providing us with such wonderful roms and updates and keeping our hopes up with acer liquid! wish u all the best for the developments u would obviously do ^_^ for Google Nexus!
  10. elixir.amrit

    [Off-Topic]I'm making this because...

    Happy B'day! ..enjoy! ;-)
  11. elixir.amrit

    [CM7.2Final/Improved] For Liquid A1/Liquid E

    Battery drain is very heavy! :-| any solution?
  12. elixir.amrit

    [CM7.2Final/Improved] For Liquid A1/Liquid E

    Battery drain is very heavy! :-| any solution?
  13. Launcher is always in memory inspite of disabling it and ram Is generally low , browser seems to crash and hang frequently due to low ram..
  14. Rom is just awesome ! ..can u cook miuiv4 for our liquid?
  15. elixir.amrit

    Acer Liquid MiUi V4

    Can u tell me how to zip in the root?

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