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  1. Although the rom is very smooth :) ..i am facing problems with battery ..i charged my mobile 100% from my laptop but it got discharged completely in 2 hours so is it a battery issue or battery drain issue because of rom ? :blink: :wacko:
  2. ugers, on 05 January 2013 - 11:57 PM, said: Cybercom684 - thank you started this thread but it's not a port. I'm compiled his from source paranoid I'm dev who has create this rom This is one reason why I didn't create this topic the second reason my liquid is die( drop in water) Cybercom684, on 06 January 2013 - 02:30 AM, said: Oh Sorry^^ My Acer Liquid E is Brocken :/ Now I have the HTC Desire... Rom is nice but needs some fixes..even i am interested in this rom!
  3. I am using miui Final (youpi666) and it consumes a lot of ram.. can anybody help me with the config for speeding it up ? thank u!
  4. what is the best solution to keep more ram free on acer liquid A1 since it gets slower and laggy when installed with miui or other ?
  5. its is smoother and a bit fast than cm9 !.. needs small fixes like camera and ram
  6. sometimes doesn't boot..a bit laggy and battery drain is heavy!
  7. Thank You ! ThePasto for providing us with such wonderful roms and updates and keeping our hopes up with acer liquid! wish u all the best for the developments u would obviously do ^_^ for Google Nexus!
  8. Battery drain is very heavy! :-| any solution?
  9. Battery drain is very heavy! :-| any solution?
  10. Launcher is always in memory inspite of disabling it and ram Is generally low , browser seems to crash and hang frequently due to low ram..
  11. Can u tell me how to zip in the root?
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