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  1. Do you know of any that are any good though ? WidgetLocker is a premium app that I'd rather not use because it stops YouTube with screen off, tried ICS lock screen pro but it changes the background's entire layer and isn't very good at all, and the others seem to be for GO Launcher? Would like to use a theme but never found it easy getting themes for RLS4 onwards...
  2. I think this (Was?) the only theme for RLS5 as it was, I didn't even get time to test it and report back... and with such a quick jump to RLS6, it's doubtful to see any themes at all for that anytime soon. :unsure:
  3. Most common is to use ext partition of 512MB and no swap.
  4. Most simple way is probably as you mentioned, just partition it in Clockwork and copy it all over. If it's only 2GB you're upgrading from, it can't take all that long to copy it all.
  5. Hmm... think you'll lose all of the new ROM settings using the theme with RLS5. Best to wait for an update... not sure what else won't work though.
  6. I actually don't see all that wrong with the reply. It's not nice, but just like many of the posts here, it's not very constructive. I'm quite shocked at many of the nasty replies here, yours included for being worse than the rest and kicking a guy for trying. If he didn't try very hard in your opinion, you don't think a nicer way could be found of telling him? Maybe it would have been nice if he put his arms up and admits he hasn't added much. The thread length will reflect that. This is pouring salt on open wounds. Before I was just a lurker, rather nervous of posting and other hobbies would take up most of my time while I just wanted the latest thing on my cheap phone... I've been more active as of late, because I was thinking maybe I could have more to offer and help others. However, if this will be the common reaction of any trying man, I don't feel much encouraged to get involved at all.
  7. I think I have it working better. I read on here to try mp4 through H/W, but low quality FLV over S/W seems to work better. A sacrifice of quality for a bonus that it is even working at all I suppose.
  8. I'm trying JetVD with MoboPlayer, MX Video, VPlayer, RockPlayer... as I said with H/W it lags like crazy and with S/W it immediately goes out of sync. Is it working fine for you?
  9. Can anyone get decent video playback? Mainly from YouTube? H/W decoding lags drastically and software decoding immediately falls out of sync.
  10. Before, ensuring YouTube was converted to a system app was usually enough to stop mine updating and I'd be in the OP's position, but in my recent flash (of SS4b yesterday) it kept auto-updating. Reinstalled, converted to system, it updated... Detach from Market as suggested as I thought that'd definitely stop it... One hour later; hello YouTube 2.3.6 again.... It hadn't been this persistent with me before. Actually, only thing that worked was using the option to integrate it into the ROM. YouTube for Gingerbread... FOREVER! B) On the above note though, probably won't help but I haven't had a single force close in YouTube for any version pre- (didn't try or hear of Even way back on Donut, no fc. Only after I've faced some issues hence why I keep many backups of it....
  11. I''m using one of those Ultra ones. Been absolutely fine for the last few weeks. Got it from there when it was just under a tenner a couple weeks ago. It's a decent card.
  12. I have the same call issue on MIUIBlader. Screen goes black. Have to pull the battery. This happens for each call. I didn't have an issue with that restoring backups though.
  13. I was just literally looking at that and would be happy if there were a solution. Consider, it could be worse. My YouTube before would just automatically update itself regardless of me having auto unchecked on the app, and disabled in settings. Unless testing out ICS, I'm happy with 2.2.14 and don't want this forced pause with the screen off nonsense.
  14. I'd agree on that part, but only on stock launcher. Menus and the rest look fine I think. Did you switch to Nova launcher?
  15. That's fair enough but I didn't say you said we must flash it. I said I read of people needing to flash it.
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