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  1. how come no one has found a solution to unlock a locked zte blade 3 phone? I thought all zte blade phones were unlockable.
  2. I cant belive no one has found a way to unlock the phone??
  3. i also will change from blade to sgs. its really an awesome phone the super amoled is amazing
  4. if you read my post then u'll know that i already answerd ur questions. I have tried GSF it works fine there. I cant try another router atm because i have only 1 at home. i tried wep same problem. cant try static ip only dynamic.
  5. will there be a new nightly who fixed the wifi :D:unsure: ps. if anyone knows how to fix it manually without waiting for new nightly plz post :)
  6. yes it auto-reconnect, happen all the time. this didnt happen with ginger stir fry. i am not the only one with this issue if u read 2-3 pages back ppl also reported this
  7. also did anyone look into the wifi disconnecting? cant put comments here http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/issues/detail?id=3659#makechanges because that is an diffrent bug
  8. i did create an partition via recovery, S2E and app2sdgui never finds the partiton.
  9. i get same wifi problem with n159 also :/ I also did a full wipe, installed n159 and gapps then installed s2e still no ext-partition :angry: i tried the .zip but i got stuck on green andorid cm7 is so good but this bugs drive me nuts
  10. if you mean this app http://www.xda-developers.com/android/a2sdgui-gui-for-darktremor-a2sd/ yes i did install it. it says i dont have any ext partition. its weird because i did partiton via cwm. 1024mb 0swap. no its a belking 802.11G. i will try n159 now
  11. i still cant find any ext partiton. it says data: 83mb ext:-- btw i also get FC on volume+ app for some reason
  12. it just do it randomly when looking thru apps or browsing, it goes off and then on, its annoying. i use wpa2 security and its a belkin router. btw i also do a full wipe when installing new rom
  13. does cm7 support a2sd? i just partitioned my sd-card via cwm but i cant find my partiton with app2sdgui
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