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  1. Unfortunately, it's not been so kind. Thanks anyway. Luckily I've kept all my SMS for the last 18 months, so I've got most of the contact numbers, it's just the loss of addresses, birthdays etc. :wacko:
  2. Hoping someone will be able to help me. Got new laptop with Vista, installed Outlook 2003, installed Mobile Device Centre, set up O2003 and connected my Trion to my laptop. Foolishly, I didn't change the settings so that any changes would be reflected on the PC rather than the device and now all my Outlook contacts on my phone have been removed (should have been paying more attention rather than talking a friend through setting up their wireless connection). So, is there any way to recover them or have I lost them all? Thanks for any advice anyone has.
  3. Which is *still* poor customer service! The only reason I don't cancel my contract and start a new one is because my phone number is a bit of a golden number and I don't want to lose it. So they'd rather piss off a loyal customer rather than aim to keep them, but offer new customers better deals or expect a loyal customer to shout at a member of staff to get the deal. SPV's aren't the only smartphones so I think I'll look around at the end of my contract, and port my number, because it's obvious that Orange couldn't care less about keeping customers, just getting new ones. :)
  4. I had trouble because the store wouldn't match what I'd seen online. In fact, they told me the best thing I could do was complain to Orange Customer Relations, saying that I was going to leave and they would give me the same tariff. So, to get the tariff you want, they prefer you to shout at their staff. Very poor customer service and shows they don't give a toss about their staff.
  5. I went in today to get my C500 - and after humming and harring, I decided that I would go for the "Your Plan 200" which, on Orange's website, says comes in three options and I chose 200 x-network mins, 120 texts, 2MB GPRS and 2 free games (though I wasn't arsed about the games) all for £30. Imagine my surprise when they said that it was only for new sign ups. When you look at the page with the tariffs, it doesn't state that it's for new sign ups only. You have to open up their "Terms and Conditions" page and then it's about 4/5ths down the very long page. The guy in the shops answer - phone and say I'll disconnect unless they give me that plan - but this would mean that I'd have to order through the phone and it would take a few days for me to get the phone. Very poor customer service.
  6. Got to agree with you there. The design looks like some 70's throwback. Actually, if I look at one of my old Analogue phones, apart from the screen, they look quite similar. :D However, it is an upgrade! :P
  7. Works like a dream. Thanks for that, and the speedy response, Paul!
  8. Could some kind person either mail this to me or post it as a zip file please? The three PC's I've got access to don't seem to want to download it (I'm just getting a 0 byte file) :) Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi folks, Just a quick question... the mail that notified us of the petition said: When I got my SPV at an Orange Shop, I'm sure they said the GPRS was free for 3 months but I was then charged for it. When I phoned Orange Customer Services they said it was WAP only. Was there a trail period this year for GPRS on the SPV for Orange customers? Cheers!
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