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  1. Hey, C3CO, this is BRILLIANT. My phones been inactive for so long, flashed the previous version of this ROM, now i'm back to update. No serious problems, just a few UI glitches.(notification bar decides to disappear at times.) Much thanks for this. :)
  2. This is EXTREMELY experimental at the moment, and this more than likely won't work through CWM properly, as said, ADB experience is greatly required. if i've missed something here (i missed a few pages out) then let me know. I'd test but my stupid laptop is locked to Windows. D: keep it up Tilal, C3CO, everyone whos helping out here - this will be a great feat when acheived.
  3. Oldpost is old, but does anyone have the 31/03 build they could upload for me? Thanks. :)
  4. It seems i've missed out on a few builds. Flashing the last build posted by tilal now. Sorry for my absence, my laptop has conked out with a huge hard drive failure, so not only do i have to get everything i had before, i also have to do 2 years of college work. :( Nice to see you posting again Tilal. :D
  5. Works wonderful! Gradient issues on tilals rom are abit of a problem but can be worked around. nice work guys. it's good to see things can be done without tilal around. :D and that was not anything against all our other devs, just everything i've ever flashed is pretty much tilal. :D and tillaz, mucho kudos to them both. :D anyway, GREAT WORK. :D
  6. Yeah, i think this was the last build on my phone anyway, much thanks hugo. :D
  7. Does anyone have a 31/03 build they could upload for me? my phone seems to well and truly rejects the latest two builds. :) if possible, please PM me the link, or post here. i've had to reset my computer due to windows 8 being crappy so lost all my previous builds. :(
  8. No problem, good to hear you'll be back! :D look forward to it! you'll have to hit me up on twitter when your back. :D i'll drink to that. :D
  9. Damn, hope everythings okay and hope your back soon! And i hope someone can take over ICS development. You're like, %75 of development around here, and will be missed. :( Good luck and goodbye tilal!
  10. Will have to watch this, looks VERY promising. will be flashing once stable. :)
  11. This has probably been asked 100+ times, but is the previewless camera bug fixed in latest? EDIT: Hell, thats broken.
  12. I'm having the 'random death glitch' on tilals 4.0.4 :/ plays fine until i randomly die.
  13. Has anyone tried the armv6 temple run? could this engine solve problems with temple run?
  14. Only one seemingly noticable bug for me. Apps seem to launch normally then render out as a rainbow and start flickering, no reboot is followed, but in my eyes kill app back button is a must have. Awesome work tilal, i've not done much posting recently, as there isn't many bugs to report!
  15. I'm currently using the latest, and i'm not getting any of the bugs(calender date and whatnot.) The ROM is getting to a stage of perfection now, battery is lasting me 3 days like it did on stock ROM. All that needs fixing is BT, LWP and camera preview. All of which aren't too big for me. Thanks Lalit! :D
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