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  1. ablackswan

    ZTE Z5 / XN501

    More information? More pictures?
  2. KonstaT/Daemon's roms works fine, you have to try it by yourself to judge
  3. How could you have these issues using daemond's cm10?
  4. they announce new phones, we didn't get the past ces phone yet and we won't....
  5. it depends of the zte era's price. it was announced for ~250€, the nexus 4 (8Go) is at 300€...
  6. No microSD slot, maybe a 32Go version will be announced like the nexus 7 32Go. But it won't be the same price
  7. yes but what is the point to get the 4.2 on our blade? And the nexus products will be very affordable. Nexus 4 (8Go) = 300€, 16 Go = 349€, nexus 7 (32Go) = 249€
  8. The nexus 4 8 Go will cost 300€, ZTE has to be competitive with this Era
  9. ablackswan

    zte era

    the mimosa X is announced on amazon.cn and it costs 2,199 yuan. a bit expensive considered to the price of the mwc
  10. ablackswan

    ZTE 4.0 Phones

    what we should expect from zte a few months ZTE Era, ZTE pf112HD, ZTE mimosa X
  11. you might watch the ZTE crescent a kind of Blade+

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