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  1. This way is easier to change DPI settings and allows you to change as much as you like on the fly without re-flashing: It's very easy, and fast enough to test until your hearts content: 1. Download ES File Explorer from the market (free!) 2. Open ES, go to /settings - Check Root Explorer, Check Mount file system options 3. Navigate to home/System in ES 4. Select build.prop and openin ES note Editor (if you just get darkened screen, tilt device and menu will appear) 5. Scroll down and change the density line to suit: ro.sf.lcd_density={120} 6. Save 7. Reboot B)
  2. i keep getting 'error while saving' or access denied after trying a couple of editors. both settings are checked, any ideas?
  3. Was ths in the shop, on the phone - a press release? Do you have a link?
  4. As a work round solution, 0pera runs Iplayer in the browser well for me.
  5. I was in the same boat as you, but couldn't wait - and I'm glad I didn't. With the Vega 2 apparently shifting with 2.2, and the ROM chefs close to serving up a 3.2 release, it's a no brainer. Who knows how long it will be until the Vega2 is released (probably before Xmas is all we know at this point) and when Honeycomb is hacked to fit on it. By that time I may be ready for a new tablet anyway, and I'll probably get my money back on a Honeycomb Vega v1 on Ebay.
  6. Gorgeous! Smooth as butter for me apart form the clock keeps resetting to 00:00 01:00 after a reboot. Date always resets to 1/2/1970. My Vega's Flux capacitor wants to go back to the future! B) Tried various combinations of automatic date/ time Rechecking automatic date/time sets it back correctly.
  7. Thanks Simonta, I have removed it, I was only using it to monitor, and did not overclock past 1200, but better to be safe eh. I think all this may have been a blessing in disguise. I was loving Vegacomb, but every issue you could have with it, I had: Force close on bootCPU Slow down to 216Iffy battery (216 and sort life)Wifi not reconnecting after re-bootSo I went for a completely fresh install, formatting and deleting everything I could. Installed VC, but had lots of force close issues. So installed VC again, straight over the top (not sure if this is right, spose i shoud l have gone back to stock, then v2, ?) But it's flippin zippy now with each of the four issues above no longer occurring! Testing battery again today, but so far looks loads better. Cheers for the tips! :) Update: Streaming (youtube) video over wifi greedily eats into the battery life and heats the device up at the back, but general use seems OK. On reboot at 60%, the battery goes down to 20%, so Ill try the charge to full - wipe - drain - charge and see if that fixes it.
  8. Thanks for your reply Lesd, It seems to have suddenly started after a few days of OK battery. I fixed the 216 CPU issue with CPUBoost, seems to have coincided with that. As I was getting the force close issue too, I'm reverting back to stock and formatting SD card, I'll do some testing. Update: Stock ROM Test - 35 minutes of wifi web access, a little streaming video and its dropped by 10%. Which would mean less than 5 hrs :(
  9. oh and I have tried charging to full, wiping battery stats and running until shut down, which dealt with the problem of the battery showing only 12% after rebooting at 60%, but the life can jump from 30% to 10% in a matter of a few minutes with general use
  10. hey all, ive not seen any other posts on this, so not sure if anyone will have any ideas, I'm running: vc 1.7 modded stock v2 456 to 1200 CPU (CPU boost) no live wallpaper I'm only getting 3 to 4 fours battery life of surfing with some streaming video. Any advice would be appreciated :)
  11. Urm, yes, let's recap: The screen problems started out the box, thought it was down to crappy stock rom, and really kicked off while I surfed around before I downloaded the modded stock file tot he vega, which was not installed. The tablet has never even seen Vegacomb. I installed the stock rom as per the suggestions here, each time resulting in the same screen issues as before anything was even downloaded. No need to get all upset now, just saying, the issue nothing to do with not having patience or experience - I have a faulty device.
  12. If you read the thread, my issues are nothing to do with not having patience or experience in tailoring the tablet - they occured before any modding took place at all, it never got that far :blink: All the time and patience in the world isn't going to fix a hardware issue with the screen, something I spotted out the box - doesn't fill me with confidence in getting another. So if you want a helpful conclusion to the thread, the tip to would be Vega buyers would be to check their screens thoroughly in store. .....and to read posts
  13. Yeh, tried flashing multiple times but same crazy screen issues every time. Thanks alll for your help anyway. Its boxed up now, going back asap. Not sure I'll bother with another, especially from the same batch -it's all been a bit of an antimiclimax :(
  14. Good idea but I had the problem before i plugged it in. Just tested it and it's the same. It looks like its successfully flashed, but its the same problem each time - the screens knackered. Hmmmm my experiment with the tablet world has not gone well
  15. that's my fourth attempt at the stock rom, language screen loads upside down, then I can't select anything, it's scrolling up and down like a yo yo the fact it should need flashing anyway after 2 hrs of use is worrying, maybe a hardware problem?
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