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  1. xtreamer Aiki 5" looks brilliant and about £199 http://xtreamermobile.com/en/index.php
  2. mnrbig

    Huawei Blaze

    OOh Half price then. Which one? Can you say? Or is it top secret
  3. mnrbig

    Huawei Blaze

    But they will unlock it for £20
  4. Found this while doing a search for my bricked racer. Seems to be a factory reset/rebuild software for the UK version as it requires you to put the ZTE into DFU mode. RACER Terminal software online upgrade tool found here May be of some use to somebody.
  5. mnrbig


    Hi all Does anyone know if the U8510-1/Blaze/Ideos X3 phone is currently unlockable?
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