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  1. hookey17

    Huawei Ascend G6-L11 4G

    Its a great phone with a lot of potential.....which has to be unlocked. Please someone help!! :)
  2. Hi, Huawei Ascend G6-L11 4G I've searched for this but can't find anything. I got this phone a couple of weeks ago and have managed to root it with Towelroot. Are there any plans for development of custom roms/recovery, unlock bootloader etc. Can't find anything any where
  3. Well said mate :))
  4. So.....no one can help??
  5. I got a notification on my G300 today for a "firmware" update - not "ICS" - called U8815_Vodafone_B892. However i cannot update. I get the following message when I boot into system recovery and execute the update: -- OTA update Finding update package... Opening update package... Verifying update pakage Installing update... Now hota starting... Verifying current system... Checking patch files... assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/app/BeyondTheSkyTheme.apk". "93c2e49fd40cc2bde3a9f5dd2e30df16eb9490") pid=122. staturs=1792 E:Error in /sdcard/HwOUC/update.zip (Status 7) Formatting /cache... Installation aborted. I need help with this as I dont see what i am doing wrong. :wacko: Thanks in advance.

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