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  1. @ZolaIII -- thanks, but the phone has been returned and in fact, although the guy behind the counter (Carphone Warehouse) didn't come right out and say it, they've had a fair number of returns for faulty Y300's, hinting it was the same issue. Just a bit more clarification too -- it most definitely was the phone/Huawei -- I have an S4 (i9505) on 4.2.2, a SGS2 on 4.1.2 and an HTC HD2 on CM10 and SE x10i on 4.0.3, all of which happily connect to the Jabra and my old-ish Plantronics earpiece. Under normal circumstances I would have been more than happy to play for much longer, but my wife needs both phones for her job, so wasn't able to. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Ok, finished playing about 2.30 this morning -- tried everything I can think of, found an old (1 year or so) Plantronics BT earpiece, refuses to behave with that too. Tried about 8 or 10 other fixes found at various sites, some repeated with minor differences. Absolutely nothing! So at 6.30 this morning, my wife decided to let me take it back and I'll replace it with something else. Just wanted to thank ZolaIII and TangerineTractor for your your help guys -- but at my age life is far too short to spend all this time on something that should work out of the box. Shame really, for a lower end phone, it really is pretty good and would have done the job. Unfortunately my wifes job relies heavily on her Blackberry and personal phone. Thanks again.
  3. @ZolaIII -- sorry can't give you the physical address -- it flashes up and disappears quickly to be replaced by the 'friendly-name' JABRA CRUISER2 Is there anywhere I can find this?
  4. @TangerineTractor -- tried that too -- no luck I'm afraid. :( Worked out how to do it, but nothing. Is there supposed to be a space between the bit rates and the pipe symbol? (48000|44100 or 48000 | 44100)? @ZolaIII, willdo, but wife is using the phone atm, so have to wait a short while. Not sure that this will help, but I get the connected/disconnected message when BT finds the device, and Call ended, after terminating the call, but absolutely nothing else, no audio at all (no ringing, no voice etc). The messages we can hear are those generated from the Jabra itself.
  5. Ok, TangerineTractor, I tried ZolaIII's suggestion, which didn't work at all -- so more than happy to give this a whirl, unfortunately haven't done this before, could you possibly break it down a bit more please? Mainly the permissions part... Thanks
  6. @ZolaIII, sorry friend might be a bit slow here, but I'm not sure I understand your point. :wacko: I have no preference to the audio type, only that I can get it to the Jabra Handsfree. My wife just wants to make and receive calls via the Jabra Cruiser 2 as she could with the Arc S.
  7. Hi All, Have a similiar problem, just bought the Y300 for my wife when her Arc S died, so far everything is fine. BUT, (there's always a but.... :angry: ) it won't forward audio to her Jabra Cruiser 2 handsfree unit. When she gets home later I'll try the above solution, but is there not a way to inject a later/better/newer/fully working bluetooth apk? rather than having to add another 3rd party app? The inference appears to be the Bluetooth in the Y300 is either faulty or the controlling app (Bluetooth.apk?) is. Any idea which is the case. Unfortunately can't play around with it too much as it's her only/daily mobile. TIA
  8. just wondering if you're looking at this from the wrong angle? (ducks at all the 'droids thrown his way)! ;) I have a 1 year old SE x10, live in the middle of Worcestershire (UK for those who don't know) and can't use BBC iPlayer because the app says I'm not in the area served by this app! Apart from the very obvious Android version issue, there are country restrictions on the downloading and even visibility of apps. Perhaps this is the issue? I mentioned the iPlayer issue I have as a specific example -- on my Transformer (Tablet not Robot!) iPlayer ran on the stock ROM no problem, I have since rooted and installed a custom ROM and 'gained' this issue, even though the ROM (Revolver) is based on UK source. Anyway, there are several Market Enabler apps out there which allow you to specify which country/carrier you are with, effectively spoofing/lying the to Market about where you are... Perhaps this might help
  9. _androgenous

    What font are you using?

    Hi flshg -- apologies for an unrelated (to fonts) post, but I rather like that small vertical dock you have displayed... any info please? TIA

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