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  1. Benlod

    did you know ?

    That the liquid glow's kernel source code was released ? everything is on the official website you can DL the user's manual too.. i'm browsing it right now pretty much the same hardware that our MT !
  2. Benlod

    A good idea to get ICS

    count me in ! :) great idea :)
  3. hi guys i tought you might be interested :P ftp://ftp.acer.co.in/Smart%20Mobile%20Phones/Service%20Guide/Liquid%20metal%28S120%29/SG_S120_pda.pdf should be easier to disasemble your liquid Mt now i dont know if spare part (like the speaker ) are available for sale and can we change the camera module for a better one ? You can go into the index there's plenty of interesting things ! ftp://ftp.acer.co.in/Smart%20Mobile%20Phones/ like disassembly videos ftp://ftp.acer.co.in/Smart%20Mobile%20Phones/Training%20meterial/ASSEMBLY%20AND%20DISASSEMBLY%20VIDEOS/S120-LIQUID%20METAL/
  4. i have installed this rom (v4.1 blue ics ) this morning but i have some problems the tactil home button and search button do not work, they do vibrate but nothing happen, the camera button don't launch the camera app , but i can take picture with it once the app is launched. . when i try to call the phone it leads me directly to the "message box " ( idk how did you call it in english :lol: répondeur in french) and for a couple of hour the sms notification (sound and vibrations were like disabled !) i will try to flash the last technolover love the rom tho ! B) thanks for the work 1530 with quadrant benchmark and 3939 with antutu @1.6ghz EDIT i have re-flashed the zip after a wipe and everything seems to work ! many thanks :P
  5. Benlod

    What Have You Bought For Your Acer?

    hi everyone I've bought this silicon (or tpu i think it's much harder than a silicon case) wich is quit good ! all the holes camera/ microphone... fits perfectly http://www.amazon.fr...33831380&sr=8-1 And it comes with 2 screen protection :) ! the only thing is, i thinkf the phone get too hot with OC and this cover, i've experienced freeze and reboot in intensive use ( gps app use on road, while charging and with the OC left 1.5ghz :unsure:) otherwise i think it's worth the money and make a great alternative to the puro case ! nearly 2 month of use still good as new @ ElHive my genuine pouch died after 6 month of use :(
  6. Benlod

    [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    works well with Technolover's kernel ! thanks :P
  7. woah ! what rom are you using ? :o that's impressive !
  8. thank you, i wil try it out soon :)
  9. Benlod

    New kernel for Gingerbread

    testing test boot 5.. froze just after boot , i have tried wipe dalvilk and normal cache and reflash boot , didn't change anything :/ Edit :i'm using stock 4.000.07 freshly iinstaled Edit 2 :finally booting on test 4 edit 3 wifi seems to be working well with test 4.. did i miss something ? or that's because i flashed test 5 before ?

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