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  1. Entered http://twitter.com/#!/INFERNO66_
  2. I try this methods, but luck is very bad. Phone not react for any combinations buttons with battery or without battery. ((((((((((((( I just hope services center can help me
  3. i repartition my phone(gen2) again, on 98% procces stop, i wait 30 min. but not succes. after remove batery My phone has become a brick . does not react to anything, not one way to load. in the service center can anyone help me? sory for my english
  4. Hello. I'm sorry to bother you, but I would like to know from you - whether you keep your project with the kernel 2.6.35 for the blade? or version 2.5.2 is last?

  5. I tried the CM7 n217 but GSF b27 more faster and smooth, at least in 2d.
  6. Me too, but after several time LED off and now normal working.
  7. http://www.clove.co.uk/zte-libra - with official 2.3!!!
  8. Monfro Nice work. How you add to power menu - reboot and recovery? Mini instruction please, i want add to my custom framework
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